Right Stuf Announces Acquisitions & More at Anime Expo 2013

Right Stuf made several announcements during its July 5th panel at Anime Expo. The company revealed new anime licenses for both Nozomi and Lucky Penny Entertainment. Cat’s Eye was the newest title announced to join Nozomi Entertainment’s limited-edition product line. Nozomi also provided new details about its current video and print projects, including the upcoming limited-edition releases of Princess Knight and Space Adventure Cobra. Lucky Penny Entertainment announced licenses for Princess Nine, Sengoku Collection (Parallel Universe Samurai) and Blessings of the Campanella. Right Stuf also announced the production of Hetalia graphic novels 4 & 5 and discussed the upcoming releases for Mobile Suit Gundam UC.

For more details and to read the full press release visit Right Stuf’s announcement page!