Notable New Releases & Pre-Orders for Week of July 1, 2013

This week's video releases include the next installments of Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere, Hanasaku Iroha ~ Blossoms for Tomorrow and Natsume's Book of Friends! The new collection of Ruin Explorers is also scheduled to be released this week! Print releases include the debut of Wolfsmund and continuing volumes of Blue Exorcist, Mayo Chiki!, Gunslinger Girl and more!

  • Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere II Blu-ray Complete Collection (Hyb) Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere II Blu-ray Complete Collection (Hyb)

    Taking advantage of the opportunity that the Mikawa Conflict provides, Tori and his comrades attempt to rescue Horizon from the Testament Union. But even as the Floating City Musashi speeds towards its next destination, the Floating Island England, Tres Espana is preparing its own armada for war against the British Islanders.

    $69.98 $52.49
  • Blue Exorcist Graphic Novel 10 Blue Exorcist Graphic Novel 10

    With the defeat of the Impure King, the Exwires have returned to their routine lives back at True Cross Academy - but the routine doesn't last for long! Halfway around the world, a strange encounter in the desert is the harbinger of evil things to come.

    $9.99 $6.69*
  • Ruin Explorers DVD Complete Collection (Hyb) Ruin Explorers DVD Complete Collection (Hyb)

    Ancient curses, enchanted artifacts and plain old fashioned dungeon diving: that's what Fam and Ihrie do for a living - whenever these lovely young ladies can get someone to pay them for it, that is. As two highly trained magic users with slightly faulty spelling abilities, they're off on a quest for the "Ultimate Power." All they have to do is find three artifacts: the Proof Of Royalty, the Sword of Sargus and the Mirror of Truth. So how hard can it be?

    $19.98 $14.99
  • Mayo Chiki! Graphic Novel 3 Mayo Chiki! Graphic Novel 3

    A fateful visit to the school bathroom turns Kinjiro's world upside down, as he discovers the dashing and popular Konoe Subaru is actually... a girl?! What's worse, the principal's cruel and domineering daughter, Kanade Suzutsuki, has every reason to keep this secret from leaking out and makes it her life's work to torment Kinjiro while attempting to cure his gynophobia.

    $12.99 $9.74

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