An Update From Compassionate Journeys

Compassionate JourneysMany of you will remember our effort in supporting Compassionate Journeys, an organization that supports those who work to rescue and empower trafficked children in Ghana, West Africa. We just received an email update from them:

"Library is now underway, wood is being cleared from the lot where the home for trafficked children will be located to make way for concrete blocks to be started (wood is being turned into charcoal for cooking and proceeds will be split with the village), our Social Welfare reports are filed and all appears to be good in the world!"

Thank you to everybody who added an additional amount onto their order to support this cause!

Find out more about Compassionate Journeys at their website,

For information on our latest effort, Paws & Effect, an organization that that raises and trains service dogs for individuals with disabilities and for veterans, please click here to view the item page. Donations can be made in $1 increments.

From all of the Right Stuff staff, thank you for supporting these worthwhile causes!