Notable New Releases & Pre-Orders for Week of March 11, 2013

Penguin Drum Collection 2 waddles in this week, alongside the next set for Bleach, new collections for Vampire Princess Miyu, Trigun and Dragon Ball Z Kai and Asian live-action movies Black Eagle: Return to Base and Motorway. Manga fans also have a lot to look forward to, including debuts for Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin and Heart of Thomas and continuing volumes of the Neon Genesis Evangelion omnibus, RIN-NE, Arata and more!

  • Penguin Drum Blu-ray Collection 2 (Hyb) Penguin Drum Blu-ray Collection 2 (Hyb)

    As the search for the mysterious "penguin drum" continues, the twins Kanba and Shouma grow even more desperate now that their sister's life is in ever-greater danger. The strange riddles that have given their journey so many twists and turns now reveal deadly answers. Strangers with no seeming relationship display disturbing and bizarre connections. The chaos of destiny that governs both the heavens and the earth surges with terrifying and baffling power.

    $69.98 $41.99*
  • Bleach DVD Box Set 16 (Hyb) (Eps 230-242) Bleach DVD Box Set 16 (Hyb) (Eps 230-242)

    A mysterious man has given physical form to the Zanpakuto of all captains and lieutenants of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads. Newly liberated, the Zanpakuto wreak havoc upon the Soul Society and their former masters. Can Ichigo and the Thirteen Court Guard Squads rein them in before it's too late? More importantly, are they ready to uncover the truth, lies, and deceit that await them?

    $44.82 $28.99*
  • Vampire Princess Miyu TV Series DVD Complete Collection (Hyb) Vampire Princess Miyu TV Series DVD Complete Collection (Hyb)

    Born of vampire and human, doomed to remain trapped in the body of a teenager forever, she is the Chosen One: mankind's last defense against the forces of Darkness. With her once-greatest foe, the Shinma named Larva, as her sole companion, she stands eternally poised at the bridge between two worlds. She is charged with the duty of tracking down supernatural beings who seek to harm the human race and banishing them back to the dark realms from whence they came. She is Vampire Princess Miyu.

    $59.98 $35.99*
  • Gundam, Mobile Suit: The Origin Graphic Novel 1 (Hardcover) Gundam, Mobile Suit: The Origin Graphic Novel 1 (Hardcover)

    Universal Century 0079. The experimental RX-78 Gundam mobile suit is scheduled to be transported to Federation command in Jaburo, deep within the Brazilian jungles. Unfortunately, before the transporter arrives the Federation is attacked. With few resources available against the Zeon's most mobile mechs, Federation forces strike back using their new weapon, the mobile suit Gundam. Caught in the crossfire is a young teen named Amuro Ray. Having never operated a machine like a Gundam, what are the chances he can do anything to repel an experienced squad of mech-piloting invaders?

    $29.95 $22.46

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