Product Update: Wall Scrolls & Posters

If you regularly shop for merchandise on, you may have noticed some changes during the last day or so. For the time being, we will no longer be offering wall scrolls and posters -- specifically those items that must be shipped in long tubes* -- via the site. It was hard to come to this decision. Because of the way shipping fees are calculated for these items -- and because of their unusual dimensions -- we were left with one of three choices: 

1.) Charge fans who ordered these items a significant surcharge to offset the shipping fee. (Not acceptable.); 

2.) Continue to sell these items at a loss because the shipping charges outstrip our profit. (Also, not acceptable.); or 

3.) Stop selling these items while we and the manufacturers work together to (hopefully) solve this issue in a way that makes sense for you, the manufacturer and us. 

Wall scroll and poster items are being removed from the site. If a wall scroll or poster has already been allocated to a pending order, these changes will not affect it (or its shipping rate).

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you have additional questions or concerns about your order, please contact our customer care team

* Please note: We will continue to offer lithograph prints that are packaged to be shipped flat.