NISEMONOGATARI L.E. Blu-ray Set & OREIMO Import Blu-ray Set Available For Pre-Order

Aniplex of America announced the domestic Nisemonogatari Limited Edition Blu-ray Complete Set will be available on February 26, 2013, via a 5-disc collection. The set will contain the 11-episode series and Japanese audio track with English subtitles, as well as clean openings and ending and a 36-page deluxe booklet. The discs will be housed in 3 cases, which will fit in a rigid box featuring key art.

The company also revealed the Oreimo Blu-ray Disc Set will be imported directly from Japan for North American audiences and fans on February 27, 2013. The Japanese release will be available on for $279.98, and it will include the 12 TV episodes and 4 OVAs on 4 Blu-ray discs in a digipak with new illustrations by Hiro Kanzaki. The collection will feature Japanese audio with English subtitles.

Due to licensing and contract restrictions, these products can be sold and shipped to the US and Canada only. This product cannot be shipped to Japan.