Notable New Releases & Pre-Orders for Week of January 21, 2013

The Shakugan no Shana S OVA and movie burst onto the video scene, alongside Saiyuki Gaiden and the next set for Pokemon: Black and White. On the live-action front, both critically acclaimed, dramatic film Bleak Night and martial-arts-meets-steampunk movie Tai Chi Zero are also set for release. Next installments for manga A Bride's Story, The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan, Oreimo, Black Butler, Soul Eater and more are expected to arrive on bookshelves.

  • Shakugan no Shana S (OVA) DVD/Blu-ray (Hyb) Shakugan no Shana S (OVA) DVD/Blu-ray (Hyb)

    Find out what happens when Yuji accidentally triggers a found Treasure Tool while it's pointed at Shana! Then, Yuji teams up with Wilhelmina to stalk their fiery friend - whose secrecy has become unsettling. Finally, in a two-part special, Shana tracks a Denizen's trail by sorting through a Torch's memories for clues. Her sleuth skills reveal a teenage girl's heartwarming last days and a predator with a serious identity crisis!

    $34.98 $20.99*
  • Saiyuki Gaiden DVD Complete Collection (Hyb) Saiyuki Gaiden DVD Complete Collection (Hyb)

    In their former lives, 500 years before Genjyo Sanzo and his crew of misfits began their journey west, they were gods, but being godly didn't make them act any more divine. When Goku flies into a murderous rage after seeing his best friend die, Heaven's had enough and wants him dead! But Konzen Douji, Field Marshal Tenpou, and General Kenren are willing to do anything to protect Goku, even if it means turning all of Heaven against them.

    $49.98 $29.99*
  • Bleak Night DVD (S) LiveAction Bleak Night DVD (S) LiveAction

    A grieving father (Cho Seong-ha, The Yellow Sea) seeks to understand the circumstances that led his teenage son, Ki-tae (Lee Je-hoon, The Front Line), to commit suicide. The discovery of a photo prompts him to seek out the young man's friends, Dong-yoon and Hee-june. Before viewers' eyes, a complex picture of the dynamic between them develops: friends and foes; bullies and victims; brothers and strangers.

    $24.99 $14.99*
  • Cover Coming Soon Bride's Story, A Graphic Novel 4 (Hardcover)

    As he journeys to India, Mr. Smith is snapped out of his melancholic reverie by a tumble from his camel into a river and by the pair of identical twin girls who dive in to pull him out. Leili and Laila have reached marrying age, but their minds are more on mischief than romance.

    $16.99 $12.74

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