FUNimation Delays & Recalls BAKA AND TEST, Season 2 DVD/Blu-ray Combo

FUNimation has recalled and slightly delayed the BAKA AND TEST, Season 2 DVD/Blu-ray Combo that was scheduled for release on Jan. 15, 2013. (DVD 2 of the set incorrectly features the silkscreen art for Extras Disc 2, so it looks like there are two "extras" discs. The content on both discs is correct.) We've shipped our inventory back to FUNimation and replacement sets are on the way. However, a number of the Season 2 sets were already en route to customers before we were notified of the issue. Customers who have -- or will soon receive -- the set have the options to keep the set "as is" or contact customer care to receive a copy of the corrected disc (at no charge), when it is available.