Notable New Releases & Pre-Orders for Week of December 26, 2012

The short holiday week brings an equally short – but sweet – list of new video releases that features the debut of Mass Effect, the second installments of Hakuoki and IDOLM@STER: Xenoglossia, and a complete series set for Ultra Seven. New books include the first omnibus for Dance in the Vampire Bund, plus the latest volume of Oh! My Goddess, The Art of Darksiders II and The History of Sonic the Hedgehog.

  • Hakuoki Season 2: Record of the Jade Blood DVD Collection (Hyb) Hakuoki Season 2: Record of the Jade Blood DVD Collection (Hyb)

    After tasting the humiliation of being forced to flee to Edo, the members of the Shinsengumi have become disillusioned. Not only are they disappointed by the Shogun's behavior, but they are also facing personal problems. Kondou is still recovering from his gun wound. Okita is still bedridden due to both his illness and his bullet wounds. Heisuke must watch over Sanna, who seems to be slowly slipping into madness. And meanwhile, Hijikata is desperately fighting to keep the Shinsengumi together.

    $59.98 $35.99*
  • Mass Effect: Paragon Lost DVD/Blu-ray (D) Mass Effect: Paragon Lost DVD/Blu-ray (D)

    This prequel to Mass Effect 3 follows the early career of Alliance Marine, James Vega. Vega leads an elite Special Forces squad into battle against a mysterious alien threat known as The Collectors. Stationed at a colony in a remote star system, Vega and his soldiers must protect the civilians from a ruthless invasion determined to capture the population for unknown purposes.

    $34.98 $26.24
  • Oh My Goddess Graphic Novel 43 Oh My Goddess Graphic Novel 43

    The little demon who has ushered Keiichi and the goddesses to confront each door warden of Hell reveals herself to be the next door warden they must face. But not only does the chamber she guard have four separate exits, the rules of escape only permit Belldandy to leave on a condition she would never agree to: taking another's life! And she soon learns that the trap she's in is even crueller than that...

    $12.99 $9.74
  • IDOLM@STER: Xenoglossia DVD Collection 2 (S) IDOLM@STER: Xenoglossia DVD Collection 2 (S)

    Things are getting a lot more complex at Modenkind and some of the things that Haruka is learning about the IDOLs are more than a little worrying. For example, while the mechs aren't free to do what they want, they're not exactly obedient machines either; and the relationship the IDOLs form with their pilots is much more complicated than master and servant. Haruka is beginning to realize that her own feelings toward Imber aren't exactly what she'd expected them to evolve into.

    $49.98 $29.99*

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