Blizzard and Right Stuf - Dec. 20, 2012

A pre-end-of-the-world blizzard is currently hitting the Midwest! The office received 12.3" of snow overnight, with another 3" or so expected this morning.  Winds are currently 30-40mph and expected to increase to 50+mph this afternoon.    

We've now told the rest of the staff not to come in today if they haven't made it here already  (We're not quite as well-equipped for this weather as my penguin friends!)  Email responses will be delayed, and we have very limited phone coverage.  We will get some Priority and UPS shipments out today, but that's probably going to be about it.

The website is not affected and is operating as usual. (So keep those orders coming!)  We are going to go ahead and leave up the 2 current sales through tonight, so you last minute shoppers can take advantage of our "blizzard sale extension."  The specials will change tomorrow instead of today.

So Sayeth the Dark Penguin Lord at 10:20AM, 12/20.

PS Today is my wife's birthday.  I got her some snow.  Love you Dark Lady!