Online Shopping During the Holidays & Right Stuf Gift Certificates

With the holiday season upon us, all of us at Right Stuf are doing everything we can to make sure as many orders are processed and shipped prior to the Christmas weekend.

That said, it is possible that some orders may not reach their destinations due to delays beyond our control, including – but not limited to – the time you place your order, the immediate availability of products, the extra time required to process payment methods other than credit cards, and shipping times, which potentially can affect even upgraded ship methods this time of year.

If you are purchasing a gift that has to be there by a certain day, we suggest opting for a Right Stuf Gift Certificate, which can be used by its recipient to purchase any item in our online store. (We will mail a hardcopy of the gift certificate to the recipient via U.S. Mail. Also: The “gift giver” can contact Customer Care and ask to be provided with the “gift certificate number,” the amount and printable PDF of the gift certificate which can be passed along to the recipient – and used – before the actual gift certificate reaches him or her.)

Read on for some helpful tips from our Customer Care Team about purchasing “gift certificates as gifts” during the holiday season…

1. Right Stuf Gift Certificates are available in whole-dollar increments, from $5 to $1,000.

2. To expedite the processing of your gift certificate order, make the Right Stuf Gift Certificate the only thing on that particular order and pay for it using a credit card.

3. Once your order is processed, the gift certificate will be sent via first-class U.S. Mail to its recipient.

4. As the “gift giver,” you can request that we provide you with the “gift certificate number” and the amount, which can be passed along to the recipient – and used – before the actual gift certificate reaches him or her. (Please call or e-mail customer service immediately after placing your order – and provide your order number – to request this service.

If you have any other concerns about orders, in general, please visit the Customer Care area and feel free to contact our Customer Care reps regarding additional questions you may have.