Launch Into Savings Save at Least 40% OFF DVDs & Merchandise From Nozomi Entertainment & Other Right Stuf Labels

Attention! This is your Captain speaking. We're ready to launch into savings with deals on DVDs and merchandise from Right Stuf and its divisions, including Nozomi Entertainment, Lucky Penny, and 5 Points Pictures! You'll find everything from hot new and upcoming releases like Martian Successor Nadesico, Ristorante Paradiso, Boogiepop and Others, and Tazza: The High Rollers, to long-time fan favorites, including Revolutionary Girl Utena, Rental Magica, Super Gals, Tylor and much, much more!

From now through October 11, the "your price" listed is the price you pay – no coupon code required – and these new prices represent a savings of at least 40% OFF the retail prices of all DVDs and merchandise from Right Stuf, Nozomi Entertainment, Lucky Penny, 5 Points Pictures and Critical Mass Video (This includes items that are pre-order, in stock, on order and special order!)

Just be sure to place your orders before 11:59 p.m. CT on October 11, 2012!

REMEMBER: If you're a Got Anime member, you can stack your discounts for even more savings! (This means you have the potential to save up to 46% OFF the MSRP on DVDs and merchandise from Right Stuf and its divisions. Check out for details.)

* Not sure which products are included in the sale? To get started, just click on the "Launch Into Savings" graphic on It will take you to a list of all of the items from Nozomi Entertainment and Right Stuf's other labels! (Please note: No other coupons may be used in conjunction with this sale. This sale event may not be applied to pre-existing orders. Also, Bargain Bin and Weekly Special items are not eligible for this sale because they're already awesome deals, and this will be noted on the individual product pages for these items!)