Aniplex of America Announces Baccano! L.E. Blu-ray Box Set For May 2011

Aniplex of America announced the release of a Baccano! Limited Edition Blu-ray Box Set for May 17, 2011. The collection will include 3 Blu-ray discs containing the entire 16-episode series (including 3 special episodes), Japanese and English audio, Japanese- and English-language subtitles, textless opening and ending, exclusive new box art by Katsumi Enatsu (original novel illustrator), and exclusive new Blu-ray wrap art by Takahiro Kishida (character designer) for $69.98 SRP. From now through May 31, 2011, customers can purchase the set for $55.98 on our site, but we are required to bump the price up to $59.48 on June 1, 2011. This limited edition set is only available while supplies last, so place your order today!