Message from Our Fearless Leader, Issue 2 of 2014

Summer begins with some big news! Sailor Moon is returning to our shores in incredible DVD and Blu-ray/DVD combo packs starting this fall.

As many of you know, this title was pulled from the market several years ago as the author was unhappy about how the show was originally treated. But Viz Media has worked out a deal to release the three feature films and all 200 TV episodes, including the never before seen Sailor Stars season. They’ve even licensed the new Sailor Moon Crystal anime, which is just now airing in Japan. More exciting is that the program is being released uncut and it will have a new dub with all of the original Japanese names, story, and relationships. Why a new dub, you ask? The original release was highly edited, so there’s no way to align the original dub to the uncut video. Remastered and uncut, this is the announcement of the year. We will have the item posted on the website as soon as we can with additional details, so make sure to keep checking and sign up for our mailing list!

Another great license rescue this year is Cardcaptor Sakura. This new release from NIS America will also feature uncut video and a different dub to match.

On our Nozomi and Lucky Penny labels, we will begin releasing Tsukasa Hojo’s classic anime Cat’s Eye this summer. The story follows the adventures of three sisters who are art thieves trying to collect all of their father’s artwork. Cat’s Eye has never seen a full release in the States, and we’re excited to be able to bring this to you. Also coming this summer is Sengoku Collection, where famous historical Japanese figures are sucked into our world from a parrallel dimension where they were all women. Anime Expo is rapidly approaching, and I’ll have some exciting news to talk about for titles we’re planning for the future.

Finally, this fall will see the conclusion to Gundam Unicorn on DVD. Find out how this series wraps up, along with over 30 minutes of bonus features! Right Stuf turns 27 this July, and we continue in our efforts to serve anime and manga fans, even though some of them weren’t even born when we started! I love interacting with customers, and I’ll often pop up on forums and our social media channels. Make sure to check out our Facebook and Twitter pages, and become a fan today!

Have a great summer! 

Shawne Kleckner
Shawne Kleckner
President and resident Dark Lord