Message from Our Fearless Leader, Issue 3 of 2012

It’s official, we’re a quarter century old!

It’s hard to believe that over 25 years ago, our little company was born. Now, at the time, anime wasn’t part of our product mix - we were selling high-end telescopes at that point. But in 1989, our business shifted when we acquired the license for and began releasing Astro Boy, the seminal anime release that started it all.

Over the years our business has undergone many changes - from the era of VHS, of laserdisc, and the DVD revolution that allowed customers to have both the English and Japanese versions on the same disc. From graphic novels in large formats to the mass-market trade paperbacks that now read in Japanese order from back to front. And now, high definition video on Blu-ray disc and delivered by multiple services on the internet - sometimes at the same time or very closely to the same time as televised in Japan. We can even read your brainwaves now with Necomimi cat ears!

Yes, the world we work in has changed - and our company has grown with and through those changes. A look at our first webpage as compared to today truly horrifies me (and I am sure our web designers too)! And the simple catalogs of yesteryear pale in comparison to the one you hold in your hand.

2012 has brought many new changes - our website was relaunched this summer, and there are more enhancements on the way that likely will start appearing on the site by the time you read this. We’ve split our production arm, reserving our Nozomi Entertainment label for our premium releases and launching our Lucky Penny label, for budget friendly products, as well as our 5 Points Pictures label for new live action releases. Lucky Penny’s first release will be Ristorante Paradiso, a wonderful tale of romance set in Rome, which will come in early November.

We’ve made a number of changes around the office too, with additional staff to serve you and new equipment to help them to do so. Our people do an outstanding job and are who make our business a success. We’re a service organization - and I hope if you receive great service you’ll be willing to share that with me; if we stumble, and we will, we are human after all - that you’ll share that with me too so we can learn and grow stronger. It’s been a great ride this first 25 years - we look forward to serving you for the next quarter century.


Shawne Kleckner
Shawne Kleckner