A Message from Our Fearless Leader, Spring of 2007

As I write this note for the catalog, I'm about ready for it to be spring already because we're looking forward to a lot of things.

As we head into summer and gear up to celebrate Right Stuf's 20th Anniversary, we have some new things in store for you! We just unveiled our new logo, which you'll see throughout this catalog.

We also just announced our new working relationship with Kadokawa Pictures USA to bring The Third: The Girl With the Blue Eye to fans starting this summer. It's an understatement to say that we're really excited about this series. It's a great mix of action, sci-fi and characters that just stick with you, and you'll be hearing a lot about it during the next few months. You might want to go ahead and bookmark http://www.thethirdanime.com now!

In the meantime, tune in to Anime Today , our bi-weekly podcast for exclusive interviews and news about what's hot and what's new in the world of anime and manga. You can subscribe through iTunes, download the episodes directly to your MP3 player, or listen to them on your PC. The newest episodes can be found at http://www.animetoday.com, where you'll also find a full library with all previous episodes.

It's a great time to be a fan. And we love being in the business of serving anime and manga fans. I truly enjoy meeting you at conventions and, even more frequently, by email. We're always open to your thoughts about how we can do things better or any other suggestions you may have, so please feel free to email them to me directly. We're celebrating our 20th year thanks to you!

Have a great year!

Best Regards,

Shawne Kleckner
Shawne Kleckner
President and CEO