A Message from Our Fearless Leader, Spring of 2006

Over the years, I have tried off and on to master the Japanese language with some limited success. Certainly, I can get around Tokyo on trips and such, but I'm still years away from being able to read the Japanese paper. So, this year, I'm especially excited to tell you about the new "Learn Japanese" section we've added to the catalog. We've compiled a number of great reference materials, learning and study guides, and media materials (including CDROMs, DVDs, and audio CDs) that you can use to study. Many of these have been of great use to me when I need to brush up for my next big trip overseas.

As many of you know, we've settled into our new facility and made it thorough our first big holiday season with our expanded warehouse space. I'm excited to say that our building is allowing us to stock even more products than ever before and increase order fulfillment speed.

2006 looks to be an interesting year - several older series are being re-released in bargain priced box sets and there are really some amazing new titles coming up. Obviously, I'm excited about our releases of Boys Be... and Ninja Nonsense. We've also returned to our roots, with our release of the classic 1963 Astro Boy in two giant box sets - the whole series, presented in its original U.S. form, for the first time in more than 40 years. If you really want a way to tune into what's going on in anime, subscribe to our bimonthly podcasts! You can listen to them with your iPod, any mp3 player, or on your PC. Check out the latest episode!

The catalog in your hands contains all of the items that are coming up for release or have been released within the last six months, plus our top sellers. If there's something that you're looking for that you don't see, be sure to check our website or drop a note to our customer service staff, and we'll be happy to try to help you find what you're looking for. Remember – the industry is constantly announcing new titles, so we're always adding more!

Just a brief reminder: all of the adult-oriented products are still segregated in their own sealed section. If you're not interested in this material, the section is perforated so that it can be easily torn out and discarded. Certainly, we wouldn't be where we are today without our loyal customers. We really appreciate your business, and if there is anything that you think we might be able to do better, or if you have any suggestions, please feel free to email them to me directly. Have a great spring!

Best Regards,

Shawne Kleckner
Shawne Kleckner
President and CEO