A Message from Our Fearless Leader, Fall of 2005

Looking back to the late 1980s, if someone had told me that there would be this many anime titles out there (let alone manga titles) I would have thought they were nuts. Just browsing through all of the upcoming releases for this fall, I can truly say that it has never been a better time to be an anime consumer! I mean just look at all of the reasonably priced box sets that are scheduled for release in the next few months, not to mention tons of new manga.

Fortunately for us, this boom came at just the right time for us, too. We're in our new, larger facility now, and have the space to take on all kinds of products and merchandise for the holiday season.

The large catalog you have in front of you contains just the items released or announced within the last six months, as well as our top sellers. If you're still looking for something you don't see here, make sure to check out our website at www.rightstuf.com or drop a note to our friendly customer service staff, they're always here to help! Plus, we add new items to the website almost every day!

As always, we've segregated all of the adult items into an easy to remove perforated section. If you're not interested in these products, please simply rip out and discard this portion.

Did you know that every Thursday we post a new gigantic list of product specials? Are you missing out on the savings? Then make sure to visit our website and sign up for our weekly email newsletters that will keep you up to date on the latest weekly specials, studio sales, exclusive offers, and more! Plus you can check out the latest industry news and announcements right on the front page!

I also encourage you, if you buy more than a few items per year, to consider joining our Got Anime purchasing club. You can save extra money on every purchase you make with us, plus you'll receive a newsletter with exclusive members-only savings! Check page 10 for more details.

Finally, I'm also really looking forward to our upcoming releases! Kimba is finally getting the DVD release it deserves, with remastered footage and lots of extras in an great 11-disc DVD set. Tylor returns in Ultra Edition sets of both the TV and OVA series, which include a never-before released novella from the author! Plus in 2006, we've got Astro Boy, Boys Be..., and Ninja Nonsense to look forward to, plus many more!

Best Regards,

Shawne Kleckner
Shawne Kleckner
President and CEO