Right Stuf, Inc. Acquires Ah My Buddha!

Right Stuf, Inc. announced the acquisition of Ah My Buddha, which will be released via the company's Lucky Penny Entertainment division as complete 26-episode DVD collection. Ah My Buddha, also known as “Amaenaide yo!!”, is based upon the manga (comic) by Toshinori Sogabe, which was originally serialized in Comic Gum anthology magazine and later collected into 7 volumes.

This 26-episode television adaptation of Ah My Buddha contains both Amaenaide yo!! (Season 1) and Amaenaide yo!! Katsu!! (Season 2). Ah My Buddha originally aired in Japan on TV Tokyo's anime satellite channel, AT-X. The first season aired from July to September 2005 and the second season ran from January to March 2006. The collection features animation by Studio DEEN (Fate/Stay Night, Is This a Zombie?), as well as direction by Keitaro Motonaga (Jormungand, Yumeria).

For more information about Ah My Buddha, visit buddha.rightstuf.com.