Customer Care Success Stories

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"keep up the good work"

I just wanted to say how impressed I am with all aspects of how you operate. It's so nice to be able to make an order and simply not have to worry about it. In fact, I've had very little interaction with your customer service staff only because things just work without need for intervention. However, in the few cases where I have had to contact them they've always been helpful, available and, in the case of email, responded in a timely manner. I get the sense that everyone cares about things beyond just managing to get a package to a carrier and then forgetting about it. I've received orders from you that had been stabbed, slashed and crushed in transit that were still completely pristine simply due to the resilient packaging employed. So, all I can really say beyond that is thanks and keep up the good work.


"You guys rock "

I've bought plenty online from many different retailers and I must say, the care you guys put into making sure the items aren't damaged is just incredible. I'm amazed you guys can still offer them at such lower prices compared to competitors and still do it. You guys rock and keep up the GREAT work!


Amazing Customer Service

WOW. That sums up this service. Fantastic prices, and the packaging was incredible, I have never seen a company take such good care of their product. Normally when you order something in a DVD/Blu-ray case, a company will just chuck it into an envelope and dump it in the mail... Not Right Stuf, my package arrived and it was imaculately wrapped and protected without so much as a smudge on the plastic. Amazing customer service as well. I put the wrong name on the billing address and had to call customer service twice. BOTH times I was put on the line with someone incredibly fast and the people on the other end sounded very pleasant and happy. Will definitely be using this site a lot.


" It makes a difference"

I just wanted to say how awesome you guys are.  Besides being a longtime customer, I also run an anime club for the library I work at.  The screener discs you provide help us a LOT since our budget for anime is incredibly small and we can't get new stuff too often.  I cannot stress enough how much that helps since I usually have to dip into my collection so we have some kind of variety of titles to show, and I can't always afford the new stuff, either. Right Stuf has been the one place generous enough to continue giving out screener discs. And it does make a difference.


"I'm definitely impressed"

Just having been recently introduced to your company & website, the level of customer care I've received to date on every question or issue has just been extraordinary, and I'm definitely impressed. I wish I had learned of Right Stuf well before now given the selection offered, but more importantly the customer service has out-classed all the other vendors I've used to date.