ANIME TODAY #115: Chatting Up Anime Expo 2010 Fans

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Episode run down:

We've been going through all of Lisa Marie's great interviews she collected while roaming the expansive LA Convention Center during this year's Anime Expo. Coming up, we'll be playing almost half of them, along with new music, contests and Kris and Judy's expanded chat on weddings in Japan. To listen in on the rest of Lisa's interviews, please download the continuation of “Lisa Marie: Behind the Expo” below this post in iTunes or in the show notes for episode 115 at

The featured Geneon Music CD this episode celebrates one of our recent Anime Expo announcements, the Revolutionary Girl Utena Soundtrack 2: Virtual Star Embryology. And working on a variety of themes, Nick has also chosen a diversity of songs from to play through out this episode: PHOTOGRAPH,” “Traveling Spoon,” “Dear best friends,” “Two For The Road,” and Built For Speed.” I'll have the complete artist and CD breakdown at the end of the show.

Chad’s leading off this episode with his rundown of What’s Hot in the World of Anime and Manga followed by Shawne's latest Bag Some Bargains sale on items from VIZ Media. Then we’ll have our first featured track, “PHOTOGRAPH,” followed by the first set of the fan interviews that Lisa Marie gathered while she was at Anime Expo.

Rich announces a ton of summer contest winners and then we'll check out the next song “Traveling Spoon” to get us ready for a new “Anime and Gamer's Guide.” This time, Kris and Judy explore taking honeymoons in Japan followed by Lisa's next set of con-goer and cosplayer interviews. Our third track, “Dear best friends,” leads us into a montage of favorite anime and manga series from Lisa's interview subjects. Rounding out this episode of traveling, friendships and memories, Shawne returns to honor the memory of the gifted actor, writer and director Peter Fernandez. While Shawne is speaking, I'll be playing portions of the instrumental tracks “Two For The Road” and “Built For Speed.” Bringing this episode to a close will be a few recent customer reviews from our online store and now for What's Hot with Chad.

Anime Today 115, Behind the Expo (Continued)
Lisa Marie: Behind the Expo (Continued)

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What's Hot?

Determined to distance herself from the world around her, teenaged recluse Hikaru spends her days with headphones clamped around her head, blocking out those who might otherwise affect her life. The only one she can’t block out is Ciel, a being who somehow resides within her and whose goal is to track down and stop an intergalactic murderer bent on mankind’s destruction. The two share one body and heart and must learn to protect and depend on each other for survival.

Nobuaki Tadano’s engrossing science-fiction series, 7 Billion Needles Graphic Novel 1, debuts August 10th.

Keeping boredom at bay has never before been such an all-consuming responsibility, as Kyon and the rest of the gang in the SOS Brigade return, along with the Herculean task of keeping Haruhi’s mind occupied and entertained.

From summer festivals to time-travel and hunts for both aliens and espers, Haruhi and her crew find themselves experiencing a strange sense of déjà vu, and it’s up to Kyon to somehow find a way to release them from the seemingly endless loop in which they are trapped.

Revisit the world of one of anime’s most demanding schoolgirls in The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Season 2 DVD Complete Collection this August 17th. In addition, this collection includes a bonus CD with opening and ending tracks, behind-the-scenes special features, commercials and much more! ---

Last words seem to carry an extra weight of importance, and no one takes that sentiment as seriously as the the Shigofumi Mail Carriers, a group of otherworldly deliverymen consisting mainly of departed souls themselves. Unlike most of her coworkers, Fumika mysteriously continues to age, which indicates that she is somehow still alive. Quiet, serious and haunted by her own personal tragedy, Fumika, more than any of the other carriers, understands the mortal perspective. It fuels her resolve to see that each of her deliveries reaches the intended recipient.

This August 17th, the 13-episode Shigofumi DVD Complete Collection brings a whole new meaning to the term “dead letter.”

In her father’s study, young Sakura Kinomoto discovers a strange and mysterious book supposedly filled with dangerous creatures contained in a set of magical cards. Sakura can’t resist taking a peek inside, but finds it empty of everything but an adorable guardian beast named Kero-chan. She learns that while Kero-chan was asleep on the job, the cards escaped the confines of the book, and now it’s up to Sakura to recapture them.

CLAMP’s distinctive style and storytelling brings the concept of card games to a whole different level when Shoujo fan-favorite Cardcaptor Sakura Graphic Novel Omnibus 1 hits shelves August 25th.

Smart, attractive and capable, high school student Kaname Chidori can hold her own against almost anyone. What Kaname doesn’t know, however, is that she’s caught the attention of a terrorist group desperate to attain a set of skills she may not even be aware she possesses. Labeled one of the elite “Whispered,” she may soon be in more trouble than even she can handle.

Enter Sousuke Sagara, one of counter-terrorist organization Mithril’s top agents. He’s young, highly trained, and going undercover at Kaname’s school in order to keep her safe. But despite his abilities with weaponry and Arm Slave mechs, he’ll find himself at a loss when it comes to navigating everyday high school life.

The original 24-episode Full Metal Panic! Complete Collection returns on remastered Blu-ray and DVD this August 31st.

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Shawne's Specials and the Bag Some Bargains Sale!

Shawne's Specials and the Bag Some Bargains Sale!

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Right Stuf Contests and Updates

  • Congratulations to our Otaku Blitz #59 winners! Edwina C of Greenwood, Indiana; Jaydee D of Hermiston, Oregon; and Farril H of Salina, Kansas who just won Otaku Grab Bags.
  • Also, congrats to Otaku Blitz #60 winners, Lataevea B of Buffalo, New York; Patricia M of Canton, Georgia; and Kermit C of Buffalo, New York who will also each receive grab bags!
  • For our new Otaku Blitz contest, we're giving one lucky Golgo 13 fan a Golgo 13 Kewpie doll cell phone charm.


    To enter, visit for more information, and get your entry to us by the end of the day on August 4th. We’ll announce the winner on the next episode of Anime Today!

Enter the "Weekly Prize Blitz" Contest!
Enter the "Weekly Prize Blitz" Contest!

  • Congratulations to Philip N of Little Neck, New York; Javier M of Bakersfield, California; Chris G of Los Angeles, California; Jason S of Goose Creek, South Carolina; John F of Utica, New York; Michael I of Victorville, California; Robert M of Los Angeles, California; Carol D of Wayne, New Jersey; James M of Burbank, California; and Jason P of Lehigh Acres, Florida; winners of our joint contest with Viz Pictures. Winners will each receive a poster featuring artwork from the live-action Japanese film, K-20: The Fiend with 20 Faces.

Tamra Island box setIf you’re a fan of K-drama, get swept away by our current Tamra Island contest. We’ve teamed with YA Entertainment to offer seven gift packs: (1) Grand Prize winner will receive a copy of the complete 21-episode Tamra Island box set, which also includes behind-the-scenes features, interviews and bloopers, and (6) runners-up will each receive a Tamra Island preview disc and poster!

To participate, just visit the contest section at, and get in your entry before the end of the day on August 11th.

figma figure of deadly assassin Golgo 13We’re also kicking off a new giveaway for all the toy and figure fans out there. Contestants have the chance to win one highly detailed figma figure of deadly assassin Golgo 13.

To enter, visit’s contest page before the end of the day on August 18th. We’ll announce the winners for this and other contests during the next episode of Anime Today!

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Anime and Gamer's Guide with Kris and Judy

Anime and Gamers Guide with Kris and Judy
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