ANIME TODAY #65: Interviewing SHIN CHAN Writers Jared Hedges, Joel Bergen and Alex Muniz

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Episode run down:

FUNimation’s release of Shin chan is currently airing in it’s second season on Adult Swim and Alison, Rich and Nick were brave enough to invite the writers behind these fart jokes to the show for an in-depth interview. Ok. So they do write more than fart jokes. Often times touching on hard-hitting subjects like domestic abuse, politics and homosexuality, Jared Hedges, Joel Bergen and Alex Muniz discuss updating Shin chan for the Adult Swim generation.

Throughout this episode, you’ll be listening to tracks from another great CD Sokokara Detekinasai by Budo Grape. Thanks again to and a full list with the times each song was played will be posted at the bottom of this episode’s show notes at

Chad’s got what’s hot in the world of anime and then test your knowledge with a new Uso Deshou mystery plot. Spring has Shawne in a good mood to help you Stock Up on DVDs and other items from Media Blasters and then brace yourself for the first part of our Podcast-MA rated interview.

We’ve drawn the five winners of our Del Rey Manga Fairy Tail contest, and we’re going to be announcing them next. Marie’s going to be spotlighting the Prince of Tennis manga for this episode. In our last episode, we talked with Shawne about the Tokyo International Anime Fair, and among the many fliers he returned with, were a few for maid cafes. Kris and Judy will be talking a little bit about the culture surrounding them during their Anime and Gamer’s Guide to Japan. Nick and Rich will then bring you a rundown of upcoming conventions, followed by the second part of our interview with the writers behind Shin chan. Judy-sensei then joins us for Japanese 101, and then we’ll be highlighting a few customer reviews that have been submitted through our store at


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The Writers of FUNimation’s Shinchan: Jared Hedges, Joel Bergen and Alex Muniz

The Writers of FUNimation’s Shinchan: Jared Hedges, Joel Bergen and Alex Muniz

Official Shin Chan website from FUNimation:

Shinchan on MySpace:

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Marie's Spotlight: The Prince of Tennis

Considering my penchant for sports series, it surprised even me how long I took to get around to reading Prince of Tennis, a rare popular example of the genre. In the end, it took stumbling across the first few volumes at the local library to kick start things, followed immediately by about five more trips to track down the rest of the books spread across multiple branches.

The plot at the center of this mad library dash? The students of Seishun Middle School play tennis, including Ryoma Echizen, a veritable tennis genius and the eponymous prince of the series. They play it at school during team practice, and they play it at tournaments with the ultimate goal of making it to and winning Nationals. Sometimes they play each other to determine who’s going to be the starters at the next big tournament, and sometimes it’s a quick down-and-dirty game of street tennis to teach some punks a lesson, but it’s a rare chapter that doesn’t focus exclusively on the sport. I’ve never seen a manga or anime so resolutely focused on one topic and one topic only, even in other sports manga. It’s rather impressive. But Prince of Tennis is about tennis, but in the 19 volumes I read, I don’t think the students ever once did homework, went on a date, or even visited a hot spring. Character arcs are present in full force, but strictly in relation to the game. But in spite of that, or perhaps because of it, Prince of Tennis is page-turning stuff.

A lot of the credit for that appeal has to be because of the masterful pacing and plotting of the tournaments that dominate the series. You’d think there’s only so much you can do during a tennis match to make it fresh and interesting each time. But in fact, manga-ka Takeshi Konomi has assembled a remarkable number of playing styles. He creates even more variance by choosing different kinds of opponents for each character as they advance and switching between singles and doubles matches regularly. The rules of the tennis tournaments seem purposely crafted to create drama themselves, as teams play for 3 out of 5 wins in two doubles games and three singles games, with the best players facing each other last. Sometimes, however, there’s no avoiding the fact that a top-seeded school like Seishun is going to wipe the court with some of the lower-ranked schools. Rather than slog through a game with an obvious outcome, however, the author will frequently skip over them and just announce the scores, which is what we were really interested in anyway.

I mentioned that individual styles keep things interesting, but that’s not the only thing that makes the characters unique. Right off, I have say how impressed I am that even though there are at least 10 or so regular characters who are all guys, all wear the exact same team uniform, and all have black hair, I can tell them apart immediately. I might not always remember their names, since I tend to blank out with Japanese names of more than three syllables, but that’s my own failing. Hair style, height, eyes; they’re all different. Beyond that, they’ve each also got clearly defined personalities that are always fun to watch on the court.

The standout on the team, of course, is Ryoma, who despite being the title character is the antithesis of every shonen lead ever. He’s confident, doesn’t speak much, gets barely more time on panel than any of his other team members, and, while he is indeed determined to be the best at tennis, he’s already highly skilled and doesn’t need to work on all that much. It’d be like if Sasuke were the lead of Naruto instead of, well, Naruto, except Ryoma doesn’t lose anywhere near as much. After Ryoma there’s Kaoru, who thinks he can win every match on sheer power, Sadaharu, who uses collected data to pinpoint his opponent’s weaknesses, Kunimitsu, the team captain whoes abilities are left largely mysterious, and so on down the team line. With so many top competitors on the same team, the school practice rounds turn into formalized versions of the old who-could-take-who fights. Seeing who’s been paired up for matches or working out the best team for doubles is a large – very large - part of what keeps fans coming back for more.

As far as the art goes, the boys actually have athletic builds suitable for playing tennis, and even wear appropriate clothing. The poses on the court are pretty realistic, too. True, some of the acrobatics one of the team members pulles off aren’t exactly likely, but dramatic license holds sway even over tennis. Jumps and other quick moves are drawn with multiple poses in the same panel, so it almost appears to be like looking at several animation frames all at once. Despite his manga being theoretically for kids, Takeshi Konomi produces some remarkably sophisticated art.

The manga takes itself pretty seriously, all things considered, but despite its tennis-tennis-tennis mantra, I was laughing out loud in more places then I would have expected. Some of this was in reaction to the more extravagant tennis moves and sheer earnestness of the players – you can’t help but laugh when someone in all seriousness declares “Real men play doubles!” – but most of the laughter was from Takeshi Konomi’s own acknowledgements that no, this isn’t really quite how real tennis is usually played. You see, in-between each chapter are little illustrations or notes from the author, and these are frequently spot-on parodies of whatever’s currently happening or funny endings to the previous chapter, like the doctor patching up the players who can’t believe they got so injured playing a non-contact sport. Several of the volumes feature tongue-in-cheek bonus sections where the characters answer readers’ questions, and a running gag is when someone inevitably questions whether Kunimitsu, the team captain, could possibly be a ninth grader when he looks more like a graduate student. In the series itself, Ryoma will even occasionally joke during the games – at his opponent’s expense, of course – But most of the others are too focused, good-natured or exhausted from playing in the world’s longest tennis matches to make gibes.

Unlike some other game manga, such as Hikaru no Go, Prince of Tennis doesn’t aim to teach you tennis from the ground up. Yes, you’ll still learn something about the sport, such as how matches are scored, but there’s an assumption you already know how, say, serving works. If you had a two-week unit on tennis in PE, you’re good to go. There are some interstitials that talk a bit about things like court etiquette and you’ll even learn a reasonable amount about the sport just via osmosis.

Prince of Tennis extends its audience reach pretty far, though it’s obviously not going to be for quite everyone. There are a lot of different levels to enjoy Prince of Tennis on, from appreciating the straight up tennis matches to laughing at its over-the-top-ness to simply enjoying all the many ways for characters to interact even while separated by a net. On the downside, Prince of Tennis’ wide reach means it’s constantly checked out from the library shelves. I’m usually very happy to find manga is popular even in Des Moines, but could you kids return your books faster so I can read them? I promise I’ll bring back all the Kenshin manga I’ve been hoarding in return.

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  • Sokokara Detekinasai

    Sokokara Detekinasai
    by Budo Grape

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