Anime Today #36: Interviewing actor Vic Mignogna!

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Episode run down:

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! If you’re missing some green from your wallet, it might not be a leprechaun, it may just be the Dark Lord temping you with some more great deals. We’ve launched our Savings O’Plenty sale this week and what better time could there be to score some savings on Geneon titles.

Earlier this week, we spent some time talking to voice actor, music producer and composer, and veteran actor Vic Mignogna. If you’re a Fullmetal Alchemist fan, you’ll recognize him from his recent role as Edward Elric.

Chad’s trading the pot of gold he found for some great Spring DVD releases. He’ll be sharing those with you in What’s Hot in the World of Anime and Manga, followed by Uso Deshou. Shawne’s up next with all the details of our Geneon Savings O’Plenty sale. We’ll then have the first part of our interview with Vic, where he talks about how he became a voice actor. Kris and Judy join us in the Anime and Gamer’s Guide to talk about crime in Japan.

Next, Rich and Nick have the latest contests and contest winners followed by the part two of our interview with Vic Mignogna. Marie explores the post-apocolyptic landscape of Eden: It’s an Endless World with Judy-sensei coming up next with an extra special Mini Japanese 101 safety lesson. Tune in to the third and final part of Vic’s in-depth interview as he talks about how he fell into playing a major role in the blockbuster Fullmetal Alchemist. Then catch up with some of the latest customer reviews from our online store.

Vic Mignogna Interview!

Vic Mignogna


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What's Hot?

Invaders from the Crimson Realm have come to Earth looking for what they call the Power of Existance, a force so profound that whoever possesses it will control the very quintessence of reality itself. However, all hope is not lost: Between them and their goal stands an enigmatic girl with fire in her eyes. She may be cute and petite, but this sword-wielding heroine has enough preternatural strength to save the universe! Experience the world of Shakugan no Shana in a new way when the light novel series that inspired the popular anime makes its North American debut on April 17th!

Ryoma Echizen may only be 12 years old, but he’s making a name for himself as the Prince of Tennis! The son of a famous tennis player, and a tennis genius in his own right, he backs up his confidence on the court with amazing skills and faces down an ever-growing list of rivals… starting with his own teammates! Game, set, match! Hit the court with this Cartoon Network favorite when the Prince of Tennis DVD Box Set 1, featuring the first 13 episodes of the anime series, is released on April 24th.

A young boy who couldn’t get along with his classmates and decided to drop out and never return… An exquisite doll who wished to one day become a normal human girl… This is the story of one young boy, an exquisite doll and their adventures as they strive to overcome their fears and face the very real dangers of the Alice Game. But first, they must overcome their distrust of each other. Enter a mysterious world of enchanted dolls and deadly battles on April 24th with Rozen Maiden DVD 1: Doll House.

Hajime Murata’s world is about to be turned upside down. First, an alien ship appears over Tokyo. Then the arrival of a new, mysterious transfer student brings even more change… His classmates suddenly begin to display psychic powers. A giant, white guardian faces off with alien creatures in the skies over their town. And men with threatening weapons lurk in the shadows of the school’s campus! The town Hajime thought he knew has many secrets, but he may just have stumbled upon the biggest one of them all in this tale of aliens and humans, starships and spies, and friends who are more than they appear to be! Discover the mysteries of Shingu: Secret of the Stellar Wars on April 24th with the release of the new thinpak collection!

Canon was the only student to survive the bloody vampire attack that claimed the lives of her fellow classmates. But she didn’t get far before being captured, bitten and turned into a vampire herself! Now as she struggles against the needs that compel the undead, she resolves to use her new powers to do good, while avenging the deaths of her friends and her own unfortunate fate. The first volume of Canon, the shoujo-horror manga by Chika Shiomi, debuts on April 30th.

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Shawne's Specials and Savings O'Plenty Sale!

Shawne's Specials and Savings O'Plenty Sale!

Spring is in the air, and no one is happier than I. With this wacky weather that alternates between massive blizzard and pleasantly warm, it’s quite confusing as to how the day will go.

Things turn green in the spring, and when I think green I think... Sales. And you can get ready for savings o’plenty this week on your favorite titles from Geneon! DVDs, CDs, and upcoming titles are all on sale - from hot new releases like Hellsing Ultimate, to Fate/Stay Night, and Ergo Proxy, to classics like Trigun and Chobits!

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If you’re confused about what titles are eligible for the sale, just check out the "Savings O’Plenty" link on the upper right hand corner of the main page of the store!

This sale ends at 11:59 pm central time on March 25. I know there are at least a dozen of you out there that will be ordering at the very end of the sale, and I want to remind you that central time is the time here in Iowa. Adjust yourself accordingly.

There are plenty of great titles in the weekly specials that you should check out if you’re looking for a deal. Here’s a quick program note though for you - due to me being out of town next week at the Tokyo Anime Fair, the weekly specials will be "bi-weekly" this time, with the next change to take place on March 29.

We’re having another great Instant Rebate! Through March 29th, buy Black Cat for 50% off after rebate - but no forms or anything for you - we’ll take care of it all!

If you’ll be celebrating the Luck of the Irish this weekend, please be safe and make sure that you wear something green. The money in your wallet won’t count, since I’ve already taken all of that.

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The Anime and Gamer's Guide with Kris and Judy

Anime and Gamer's Guide to Japan

Right Stuf Contests and Updates

Linda, Linda, Linda Contest Get ready to rock with this month’s contest, courtesy of Viz and Shojo Beat! We’re giving away three awesome gift packs celebrating their upcoming May release, Linda Linda Linda! This live-action film centers around four aspiring rock chicks who are determined to play at their school’s annual festiva.

Each pack contains:
- an advance copy of the Linda Linda Linda movie (and you’ll be receiving it more than a month before it's available anywhere!);
- a copy of "Meet the Blue Hearts," a Japanese import CD by the band whose song inspired the film's title;
- a Linda Linda Linda movie poster;
- and a copy of February's music-themed issue of Shojo Beat with all you need to know about the film!

Check out our Contests page , under "What’s Hot" at and get your entry in before March 29th! We’ll be announcing the winners on our March 30th episode of Anime Today!

To Heart Times running out to get your entry in for our To Heart contest! Go to, and check out the “Extras” section before March 30th: There, you can enter to win 1 of 3 “three-volume” sets of the out-of-print, English-language version of the To Heart manga! While you’re there, be sure to grab some avatars and read about this series that is a fan favorite on BOTH sides of the Pacific

Gravitation Congratulations to the winners of our Gravitation wallscroll contest: Kaylee W. of Abilene, Texas, David B. of Valley Stream, New York, Richard M. of Tupelo, Mississippi, and Donna H. of Middletown, Delaware. Each of you will be randomly rewarded with either one of two “Bad Luck” wallscrolls or one of two wallscrolls featuring Eiri and Shuichi!

We’re going to the dogs for our next Gravitation giveaway… or more precisely Shuichi is donning a dog costume! Head over to, and click on the contest link: Two lucky site visitors will win a plushie of Shuichi in his dog suit! Just be sure to get your entry in soon! The winners will be announced on our April 13th podcast!

Ninja Nonsense Congratulations to FayeLyn Y. of Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee, and Jill H. of Thousand Oaks, California! You will soon be receiving our newest Ninja Nonsense wallscroll featuring Shinobu and Kaede!


Also, keep your eye on our site for SHINGU: Secret of the Stellar Wars! You’ll find it – and soon some contest action -- at!

Peach Girls: DVD 1

Marie's Manga Review: Eden: It's an Endless World

I’ve always said there’s nothing like a good plague story to create riveting drama, and Eden: It’s an Endless World is a stellar example of why. Throw in a guerilla war and some post-apocalyptic survival conditions and you’ve got a guaranteed recipe to bring out the best and the worst in humanity in a setting just begging to be immortalized in pen and ink.

Eden begins in the somewhat-near and technologically advanced future, where Ennoia and Hannah, a young boy and girl, and a dying man named Layne believe themselves to be all that’s left of the human race. A deadly plague that crystallizes the skin while liquefying the body’s interior organs has wiped out the rest of the population. They go about their daily lives in the ruins of what was once a self-contained laboratory on an island, where scientists worked feverishly to discover an antidote to the virus sweeping the world. It’s not until helicopters full of armed military personnel suddenly arrive intent on killing Layne that they realize that life has continued around them.

Fast forward twenty years. A group of survivors called the Propater is seeking to take over the world for reasons as yet unexplained – though really, do you ever need an excuse for world domination? War rages wherever there are enough people to sustain it. Ennoia and Hannah have disappeared, but high in the Andes, their son Elijah scavenges through the ruins of cities overgrown with vegetation for food and shelter while searching for his mother. With the help of a combat robot named Cherubim, he’s able to eke out a living – until he’s picked up by a group of rebel anti-Propater forces who force him to join their fight. Elijah can’t tell if they’re the good guys or the bad guys, but since he can’t find his mother if he’s dead, he’s going to be traveling with them for a while…

After the fact that almost everyone’s dead, the first thing you’ll notice about Eden is its tendency towards the philosophical. No, not the dry text you read in college, but the gritty good stuff about death, religion, and even sex. It reminds me a lot of the way the original Ghost in the Shell movie searches for meaning in a world of virtual reality or how Kino’s Journey explores humanity’s darker motives. If you've seen either of those titles, you’ll have a good idea of what Eden has in store.

One of the more interesting ways Eden bring up philosophy is by mentioning what you might assume would be normal – or at least cliché – and then taking a route entirely different from what you’d ever expect in any other manga. For example, when Elijah shoots a mother bird and discovers her nest just a few feet away, he acknowledges that he has three choices: 1) he can ignore the baby birds altogether; 2) he can kill them for food as well; or 3) he can take them in and raise them on his own. Life has made Elijah realistic, so he walks away. Like him, they’ll have to fight to survive.

It’s with incidents like these that Eden really sets its tone and hammers in the full ramifications of wiping out most of the human race. Elijah is still a child by anyone’s standards, but one who’s had to grow up fast even as he clings to his youth with only a robot for a friend. But no matter how good Cherubim’s AI may be, he’s still no replacement for true human contact.

Eden matches its philosophical brainfood with a feast for the eyes. Each page is full of vivid imagery. The destruction of humanity contrasts with its everlasting machinery and nature's resurgence. Desperation and hope cling to each panel. Mangaka Hiroki Endo has an extraordinary gift for bringing bleak landscapes and wild jungles starkly to life, then juxtaposing those same landscapes with blazing guns, robots, helicopters, and other symbols of human technology. Intricate circuits and realistic mechanical designs feel as natural in Eden’s world as the vines and wild animals.

Hiroki Endo is no slouch in the plot department either. He’s particularly good at building his chronologicaly and revealing bits and pieces as you go. Everything builds on everything else, and we’re shown, little by little, exactly how Earth has come to be such a wild place and the motivation behind each character's actions to survive. Everything the author shows, either visually or via dialogue, is completely plausible, with no magic hand-waving to skip over any of the details. Combined with his art, the world of Eden is as fully realized as it’s possible to be without actually existing.

Eden’s definitely for the older set, and I’d strongly urge everyone mature enough to handle post-apocalyptic conditions to check out the first volume. Dramatic in all the right ways and with its strong themes and action-packed story, Eden is destined to become one of the genre’s classics along with Akira and Ghost in the Shell.

Mini Japanese 101 with Judy-sensei!

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