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Chobits DVD Box 1 (Hyb)

Contains episodes 1-12 of Chobits in a gorgeous clear-cased Bailey box!

A Boy's first computer.

A country boy from Hokkaido, Hideki arrives in the big city (Tokyo) to go to college. Instantly, he is shocked and amazed by the variety and prevalence of Persocoms: personal computers designed to look and act like animals or even people! Too poor to afford one of his own, Hideki is overjoyed to discover a discarded Persocom in a trash heap.

However, this gift of fate turns into a mystery as his Persocom, Chi, appears to be able to operate without her OS. How real is real?

DVD Features: Full Color Art Gallery, Non-Credit Opening, Non-Credit Ending #1, Original Japanese Opening Credits.

Spoken Languages: English, Japanese, English Subtitles.

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