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Shall We Sumo? Novel

Shuhei Yamamoto is a lazy, woman-chasing senior student in Kyoritsu College who finds himself in the unenviable position of not graduating, because of his imminent failure in Professor Anayama's class. With no other option available to him, Shuhei agrees to join the college's Sumo club - which Professor Anayama coaches - in exchange for the needed credit in Anayama's class. The Sumo club has only one member, Aoki, and a girl who takes care of the club, Natsuko. Unsurprisingly, the club is on the verge of being eliminated from the college altogether. In order to compete, Shuhei has to recruit one more member.

Professor Anayama's Sumo club belongs to the 3rd Division, the underbelly of the college Sumo league. With only three days until the competition, the new members learn the basics of Sumo from Aoki. But of course, with so little time to train, they lose every one of their matches. After the competition, they have dinner with the alumni of the club, who are not shy about their disgust and embarassment for the club of which they were once proud members. Overcome with shame, Shuhei vows to continue his participation in the club until his first win.

Written by Masayuki Suo.

  • Publisher - VERTICAL
  • Media - Printed Media
  • Page Count - 240

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