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Pandora Hearts DVD Box Set 2 (S) Premium Edition

Oz Vessalius, who just turned fifteen, returns to a world ten years in the future after being released from the eternal prison known as "Abyss." A century-old truth, the secret of Abyss, and the roles of the Citizens of Baskerville are among the mysteries Oz must solve. The true meaning behind his "sin" shall decide where his adventures will lead him in the end.

This 2-disc premium edition includes a 32-page full-color, hardcover artbook featuring detailed character and background introductions, comments from staff members, illustrations, and exclusive comic "Gilbert in Wonderland Part 2" by original author Jun Mochizuki and a premium box.

Special Features: 9th Time's the Charm?!, Holy Knight (Picture Story), Cheshire's Room, Relaxation Dimension Abyss, Clean Ending.

Spoken Languages: Japanese, English subtitles.

Due to license restrictions, this item cannot be shipped to Japan.

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  • Publisher - NIS AMERICA
  • Genre - Mystery
  • Media - DVD
  • Format - Subtitled
  • Age Rating - 13+ (More Information)
  • 310 Minutes
  • Year Created - 2008

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