Sick of flipping back and forth from the Errata and the Basic Rules to figure out what's correct? Free yourself of the hassle and download the Updated Basic Rules - complete with all the errata corrections, additions, and clarifications already integrated for easy use!

Now you can see the author's (Glenn Rahman) edits for the Official Rules! Integrating closely with the original TSR version of the game, Right Stuf altered some of the author's version to create the new 25th Anniversary Edition. Now you can check out Glenn Rahman's original edits / additions to the published rules on all 3 levels of play!

Basic Rules / Intermediate Rules / Advanced Rules

For those of you still patiently awaiting the Intermediate and Advanced Errata versions, you may want to flip through Glen's edited versions since Right Stuf intends to follow his changes very closely.

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As with anything, nothing is ever totally perfect but Right Stuf is willing to work to make it as close as possible! When we notice something is wrong, we work hard to correct it. So when we found out there's some confusion in the rules to our new Divine Right RPG Game we immediately got to work! After lots of arguments over small points in the rules, we've now posted a pdf of the official Errata / Clarifications for the Basic Rules.

If you ordered a Divine Right 25th Anniversary Game through this website (or through Right Stuf International), your game may already be on its way to you!


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News Flash! For your viewing pleasure, we now have a pdf available of the new game board! It's rather large (1.1 M), but we wanted you to be able to see it in detail! Some of you may notice that the map has changed slightly from the original. This is due to a large earthquake which struck the continent, as well as new exploration by Minarian cartographers... You'll be able to read the complete details on the events that have changed the landscape in the updated Minarian chronology provided on the game CD-ROM.

About DR
The Divine Right game was originally released in the late 1970's by Tactical Studies Rules, Inc. (TSR). After enjoying years of success and setting many precedents in turn-based wargaming, a second and final edition was published in 1979. This later version added several original expansions as well as elements from articles appearing in Dragon Magazine. Although the game continued to sell for several years, it eventually went out of print to the disappointment of fans everywhere.

But now, 25 years later, The Right Stuf International is bringing Divine Right back! The new 25th Anniversary Edition will contain:

Is it still the same?
Although the game has expanded in this latest version, its basic tenants have not. It remains a 2-6 player game that incorporates battles, castle sieges and diplomacy into a fantasy setting. Players can use everything from fleets and special military leaders to mercenaries and magical creatures. Of course players are still affected by usual events in war: weather, mutinies, plagues, etc. and victory can only be obtained by one of two methods: score the most points by the 20th turn or eliminate all opponents.

For those who may not be familiar with the game, at first glance Divine Right appears to be difficult to grasp. The game works through a combination of country cards, personality cards, diplomacy cards, dice, unit counters, and the game map. While it is a complicated wargame, the basic rules of the game can be learned in one or two gaming sessions. However, there are many more specific rules that can be applied to create more of a challenging game. Of course you can always rely on the trusty instruction booklet if you get lost.

Like any strategy game, game play can vary greatly depending on the people playing and the luck of the dice. A group of three or more inexperienced players may find the game lasting six to eight hours while two very experienced players can finish all 20 turns in two hours. Of course, if you manage to kill the other player's monarch in battle, the game becomes much shorter!!

Where can I get mine?
The new 25th Anniversary Edition will be a limited edition and individually numbered certificate of authenticity. The game is currently available through Right Stuf International (the publisher)! THE 25th ANNIVERSARY EDITION IS NOW SOLD OUT!

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