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Kiichi and the Magic Books Graphic Novel 1

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Inu Yasha Trading Card Game: Inu Yasha Booster Pack
Tayler Humphrey - May 20 2015
Rating: "Okay."
Till I rifled through the bargain bin I did not know these existed. I am a serious Inuyasha fan so naturally I had to purchase this if just for laughs. The packaging is shiny, standard trading card packaging. The cards themselves are unique in description, with power ups for different characters and attack abilities. The are not as well made as say a Pokémon or Yugioh card, they feel very cheap and flimsy. A collectors item for sure. Wish I would've known about these earlier in my collecting career.
I Luv Halloween Graphic Novel 1
Tayler ~Taybears Humphrey - May 21 2015
Rating: Wonderful!
A Macrabe Wonderland
In a town where the children are far from innocent and all adults are incompetent; Trick or Treat takes on a whole new meaning. Prepare to witness a few moral lines being crossed with just enough wit to keep it fresh.