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El Hazard Graphic Novel 1

Good-natured Makoto Mizuhara was liked by all - a fact that arrogant class president Jinnai could not abide. But that was before Makoto met a strange woman in the depths of Shinonome High School and was whisked away to the even stranger world of El-Hazard!

Along for the ride are Jinnai, his sister Nanami, and teacher Masamichi Fujisawa. While Makoto and company befriend the royal family of Roshtaria and the Muldoon Priestesses, Jinnai has allied himself with the seductive Deva, queen of the hive-like Bugrom Empire. The former Earthlings find themselves changed by their new environment as well and have developed strange supernatural powers.

Now, with the fate of the kingdom Roshtaria and all of El-Hazard in the balance, three factions vie for control of the most feared weapon ever created - the Demon-Goddess Ifurita!

Written and drawn by Hidetomo Tsubura.


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