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Death Jam Graphic Novel 1

Muchaca Smooth is a legendary man-for-hire - a deadly combination of assassin, bodyguard, private investigator and bounty hunter. He is also an aficionado of The Movement, an era of hip-hop musical brilliance that barely survived to the end of the 20th century.

Retail Price: $9.99
Your Price: $5.86
Dragon Ball Z Season 3 Uncut DVD Set (Hyb): Frieza Saga

The battle to decide the fate of the universe begins! On the distant Planet Namek, the seven magic Dragon Balls have been brought together and the dragon Porunga summoned. Now, Goku and the Z-fighters are all that stand between the evil Frieza and his wish for immortality!

Retail Price: $34.98
Your Price: $21.21
Female Prisoner Scorpion: Jailhouse 41 DVD (S) LiveAction

Matsu is an innocent woman in jail who defies the sadistic warden and brutal guards with silent stares and sudden strikes. Nicknamed "Scorpion" for her lethal, lightning attacks, she is systematically abused, tortured, and humiliated by the vengeful warden, but escapes with a chain gang and leads the cops on a violent chase through the countryside. The doomed "Seven Sinful Women" are systematically cut down by the trigger-happy posse, but not before they take a few with them.

Retail Price: $24.95
Your Price: $12.58
Hakuoki Season 3: Dawn of the Shinsengumi DVD Collection (Hyb)

The year is 1863 and as Japan's long-festering wounds of political discord erupt into violent waves of street clashes and murder, the Tokugawa Shogunate sends a new force of masterless samurai called the Roshigumi to the aid of the Aizu forces in Kyoto. However, the new "police" are anything but a cohesive force and assassination has already split them into two opposing factions.

Retail Price: $59.98
Your Price: $36.49
House of Five Leaves Graphic Novel 4

With Masa having joined the crew, the fragile bonds between the members of the Five Leaves begin to change. Further changes are promised by the arrival of Ginta, a self-styled "negotiator" who learns of the existence of the Five Leaves and offers them his services.

Retail Price: $12.99
Your Price: $8.01
Naruto: Shippuden Wristband: Shuriken

Retail Price: $4.50
Your Price: $3.34

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