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Fairy Tail Graphic Novel 21

Natsu and the gang journey to Edolas, a parallel world in the sky, in search of their vanished guild. Instead they stumble upon the parallel version of Fairy Tail and find their guild mates all have completely different personalities, as well as a long lost member of the original guild.

Retail Price: $10.99
Your Price: $6.56
Fullmetal Alchemist Novel 3

Under direct orders from their commanding officer, Edward and Alphonse journey to a remote city deep within the wasteland borders of Eastern Command. Almost immediately, the Elric brothers discover that Wisteria isn't exactly a normal place. Veiled in shadows, it appears to be a utopian wonderland ruled not by military command but rather by the very laws of alchemy that guide their own personal fate.

Retail Price: $9.99
Your Price: $5.96
Hellsing Ultimate Wristband: Millenium Eye

Retail Price: $4.50
Your Price: $3.40
POP Wonderland Series: Cinderella Picture Book (Color)

As Cinderella, a young girl struggling to stay happy in the home of her wicked stepmother, sets out on a journey unlike any other, she will meet magical fairy godmothers, kindly mice, and a handsome prince who will literally sweep her off her feet.

Retail Price: $16.95
Your Price: $10.06
Princess Knight DVD Part 1 (D)

Once upon a time, in the faraway kingdom of Silverland, a princess named Sapphire was born. Thanks to a mischievous little angel's prank, however, Sapphire ended up with both the blue heart of a boy and the pink heart of a girl. By law, only a son may inherit the throne. To stop the evil Duke Duralumon from becoming next in line to inherit, the King announced to his subjects that Sapphire was a boy. All seems well, but the Duke still lurks in the shadows, waiting for a chance to make his move...

Retail Price: $39.99
Your Price: $23.96
X TV Series DVD Complete Series (Hyb) - Anime Classics

Kamui stands alone at the crossroads between salvation and armageddon. Destiny demands that this tormented young man decide the fate of a world he no longer belongs in. Torn between rival orders of superhuman warriors, the time has come for Kamui to choose his side. Either he fights with the Dragons of Heaven to save civilization and the two friends he swore to always protect, or he must draw swords alongside the Dragons of Earth and deliver a death blow to the human race.

Retail Price: $39.98
Your Price: $24.13

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