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Sol Bianca: The Legacy DVD Box Special (Hyb)

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Reviews of this title:

Frey S. Wayland - Aug 16 2007
Rating: "Okay."
Good to look at
In the first episode of Sol Bianca, there is a scene where the pirate crew has just pulled a job and is up against a ship of the Terran Forces. One of the crew, the cute computer geek, merges with the Sol Bianca, the pirate ship, to make this beautiful, giant hologram of a maiden with a bow. The maiden draws the bow, shoots this energy "arrow" at the Terran ship, and badly damages it, allowing our heroines to escape with their prize. This is a great scene, and the hologram is seen again later in the series. But it also makes very little sense. The hologram is never explained, the intent of the ship's designers in having the ship attack via hologram (when it seems like a big laser cannon would be simpler and more practical) is never explained, the history and design of the ship is explained very little, and the cute computer geek's almost symbiotic relationship with the ship is never explained. This scene is a perfect metaphor for the series. Sol Bianca is a great anime to see, with excellent animation, cool characters, good designs, and a memorable opening theme. But with only six half-hour episodes, both the character development and the storyline are pretty thin and the series leaves a lot of loose ends behind. I felt like I was watching Outlaw Star after an insane editor had gotten through with it. Fortunately, he left behind some gorgeous scenes.

J. Green - Sep 1 2009
Rating: Pretty good!
Fast paced-gorgeous scenes.
I just finished this last night and pleasently surprised. The animation was pretty good-the cg (even though it's 10 years old was quite good)-was it just me or did the lead character look like Naomi Armitage from Armiatage The Third? At 6 episodes it doesn't take a large amount of time to get through-well worth watching.