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Star Blazers 2199 Blu-ray 2 (S)

Off to Iscandar, 168,000 light years away...

Episode 5: Inescapable Trap
Pluto, the site of the base that has been launching the meteor bombs that have devastated the Earth. Determined to destroy this base, Okita commences an attack. The Yamato's plan is to carry out a joint operation with their fighter squadron, but the Yamato herself comes under long-range attack via reflector satellite cannon and is damaged. Out of control, the Yamato falls into Pluto's sea, and then...

Episode 6: The Sun Sets on Pluto
The Yamato sinks into Pluto's sea. The Yamato's fighter squadron continues its search for the enemy's base. Kodai notices enemy fighters appearing from out of the aurora that adorns Pluto. Evading the relector satellite cannon's attacks, the Yamato's counteroffensive begins.

Episode 7: Farewell to the Solar System
The Yamato is on the verge of crossing the heliopause, the border between our solar system and interstellar space. Aboard the ship, the crew is given permission to communicate with their families, and they each say their goodbyes. Surrounded by this festive mood, Kodai, who has lost all his family in battle against the Gamilas, is overwhelmed with boredom. And he is not the only one...

Episode 8: Wish Upon a Star
In the Gamilas imperial capital of Barelas, Chancellor Dessler plans to demonstrate his strength to his cabinet by displaying a live feed of the Yamato being sunk into an operation that he himself planned. Caught between a gaseous lifeform and the scorching hot sun Gliese 581 thanks to Dessler's plan, the Yamato finds herself in desperate straits. What will the Yamato's fate be?!

Spoken Languages: Japanese, English subtitles, Spanish subtitles.

  • Publisher - VOYAGER
  • Genre - Science Fiction
  • Media - Blu-ray Disc
  • Format - English Subtitles
  • 98 Minutes
  • Release Date - Apr 24 2014
  • Product Availability - In Stock and Available (More Information)

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