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Phantom Quest Corp DVD (Hyb)

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Reviews of this title:

Kakashi - Aug 10 2001
Rating: Not all that good.
overall, not suggestable
The jokes in this collection are all together not worth the money. That small detail wouldn't matter if the jokes werent the best part. The music was horrible. Story line was pathetic. The animation is good only in the ending battle. The extreme amount of repeating phrases is anoying. At many times the english track is unbearable. I would discourage your purchasing of this product. If you have a friend with this item, or possibly a nearby rental place with this item, I suggest you just view their's. Otherwise, you're not missing out on much.

Someone Who Buys M. too Much - Nov 27 2001
Rating: "Okay."
A short 4 episode anime for a low price.
This is a simple short series for a low price and is okay for someone who doesn't want to start spending their money collecting a long series. It doesn't have the greatest animation or audio or even the most original plot but overall it's something I like to watch once in a while.

Gelanie Lockhart - Feb 8 2002
Rating: Pretty good!
It IS TOO funny!!
I don't know who the other person who says it isn't funny is, but :p to them. The only thing I can imagine is that they are male. A lot of the humor in this series is feminine humor, like the lipstick that turns into a mystic lightsaber. This series is drawn for the guys, the heroine has more bust than most females are willing to jump around with, but like I said the humor is all female. This series is certainly as humorous as "those who hunt elves" and has about the same level of detailed animation. If you even remotely liked that series (and are female) then you'll like this one. I'll admit it is a little cheesy, but that is why I compare it to TWHE, and at least in this series you know what is going on from the start.

Jamie Stafford - Apr 6 2002 FEATHER7@IX.NETCOM.COM
Rating: Wonderful!
Funny and Entertaining :-)
Except for the unfortunate fact that this DVD is not compatible with the PlayStation2, the Phantom Quest Corp. DVD is an incredible buy. While the storylines may not necessarily be believable, the main feature (split across four episodes) is definitely entertaining, incredibly funny, and has incredible voice-acting in both Japanese AND English. This latter point is not to be overlooked, as most English dubs of Japanese animation (or of virtually any other media) are extremely pathetic at best, but the English-language voice acting perfectly fits both the individual characters and the overall tone of the series.

The special features are impressive for such a low-cost DVD. Along with the traditional interactive menus and language and subtitle options, an image gallery is provided, along with credit-less opening and closing credits (with lyrics and opening explanatory text in Japanese). The "Hidden Frames" section shows English-language translations of characters' profiles (shown in the feature in Japanese on Mamoru's computer screen) and of various signs seen in the series; this is not nearly as novel as the Information Capsules in the Akira DVD, but the translations are definitely well-done.

Unfortunately, the DVD version of the series is missing something I appreciated from my (worn-out) videotape version. After the first episode, the videotape version included a short explanatory video on the foods mentioned in that episode. It would have been nice to have that included in the DVD version of the series as well.

Overall, the Phantom Quest Corp. DVD is a great buy. Viewers will definitely enjoy watching the adventures of Ayaka Kisaragi.

J Green - Mar 29 2008
Rating: Pretty good!
I first viewed this 4 years ago and it's held up quite well It's light hearted and doesn't take its self too seriously.