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MazinKaiser SKL DVD (Hyb)

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Reviews of this title:

Arthur Schwartz - Nov 19 2011
Rating: Wonderful!
Words can't even describe how awesome this OVA is. While the show does have a weak story and almost no Character development, but that's not the point of this OVA. This OVA is all about the action, this show has some of the best Mecha fight scenes and I've seen Gurren Lagaan. Now if you want a mecha show that has a deep story and strong character development and where Mech's have more meaning than just tools of war, then this show is not for you, but if you just want some Hardcore Mech Action, then this OVA is definitely for you, its only 3 episodes long each one is about 27 minutes long, unless you skip the openings and end credits, and the Action fight scenes are spectacular and there is some human fight scenes, if that pleases anyone.

Also, I should mention that the Dub isn't that good. Its passable and unless you really like watching Anime Dubbed or just to lazy to read subtitles, Then I would strongly recommend watching it Subbed. One other thing about the DVD is that there are no Special Features, All there is are trailers for Queen's Blade, Morbito, Kite Liberator and GaoGaiGar and then there's a trailer for some online Game. Another thing I should mention is that this OVA is a Stand-Alone it is not in anyway related to the other Mazinkaiser OVA that was released by ADV, with the exception of the mecha and name. Final thoughts Buy this DVD, if you are a Fan of Mecha action or Especially Go Nagai, then you must get this.