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Aselia the Eternal DVD-ROM Game (Windows)

You are Takamine Yuuto, an orphan who lives only to care for his sister and ensure they make it through their ordinary everyday lives. One day he is suddenly interrupted by a call from beyond this Earth - he has been summoned through a mystical portal to the distant land of Phantasmagoria! With his sister Kaori held hostage, Yuuto must fight as an Etranger - a warrior of power - and take up the sword to fight alongside the beautiful female Spirits who protect the land from evil.

Retail Price: $29.95
Your Price: $23.96
Exodus Guilty Interactive DVD 1: Present (S)

The year 2000. Kasumi Shindo is at first glance a run-of-the-mill high school student in modern day Japan; however, beneath his normal appearance, Kasumi is in fact a top-notch treasure hunter. This time, Kasumi is aiming to find the lost 11th Commandment of Moses. Kasumi discovers that his childhood friend, Reina Tachibana, is in southern Europe participating on an archeological dig.

Retail Price: $7.95
Your Price: $5.96
Exodus Guilty Interactive DVD 2: Past (S)

This work is about three eras - the past, present and future - spanning some 10,000 years that are linked across time so that events in one affect those in other times. Each era has its own main character. That character is you the player. As you play the game, you will encounter changes in the natural environment as well as the awareness and values of mankind.

Retail Price: $7.95
Your Price: $5.96
Go! Go! Nippon! ~ My First Trip to Japan CD-ROM Visual Novel (Windows)

Our protagonist is a fan of Japanese anime and games. He makes friends with some Japanese people on the internet, and decides to stay with them for a week. Thrilled by the prospect of a week's sightseeing in Japan, he touches down in the airport, only to discover that his new friends - "Makoto" and "Akira" - are actually a pair of attractive young sisters!

Retail Price: $14.95
Your Price: $13.46
If My Heart Had Wings DVD-Rom Game (Windows)

Aoi Minase is a boy who returns with shattered dreams to his wind-swept hometown of Kazegaura. There, atop a hill lined with windmills, he encounters a wheelchair-bound girl, Kotori Habane, and a beautiful, white glider soaring through the sky. Together they decide to revive their school's defunct Soaring Club in order to ride the "Morning Glory," a phantom cloud carried on the wind that blows across Kazegaura. This is a tale of youth, a tale of boys and girls who loved the sky.

Retail Price: $54.99
Your Price: $36.84
Steins;Gate DVD-Rom Game (Windows) - Best Edition


Set in Akihabara, the Mecca of Japanese anime culture, Steins;Gate follows a group of friends who accidentally invent a method of sending messages to the past. Their discovery plunges them into a world of conspiracy and shifting timelines where the push of a button can change the course of history.

Retail Price: $29.95
Your Price: $23.96
Tea Society of a Witch Interactive DVD (S) + Artbook

Long, long ago, there was a world in which mages and humans existed in harmony. Deep contrasts in their two cultures, however, caused differences that could not be overcome between the two races. A few hundred years have passed since that time... The mages are hopeful that, once again, their races can live in harmony. This year three young wizards will cross over into the world of humans... Two of them are elite, and one a total drop out...

Retail Price: $9.95
Your Price: $7.46

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