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.Hack//4koma Graphic Novel

It's .hack as you've never seen it before! Four hilarious artists give their own takes on the thrilling events and your favorite characters from both The World, and The World R:2. It's Kite vs. Haseo in the eternal struggle over who is the real hero of the story! Plus plenty of the Grunty and Chim Chim antics you know and love! And Atoli gets to... uh... be herself? All this and more in a single hilarious collection of 4-panel strips and short stories.

.Hack//Ai Buster Novel 1

AI buster follows the adventures of Albireo as he plays a beta version of what will soon be known as "The World." In his journeys, Albireo encounters Lycoris, a failed version of Aura and makes a connection that may turn out to be unbreakable.

.Hack//Ai Buster Novel 2

As AI debugger Albireo journeys further into The World, he discovers that there is one AI who cannot be killed with his legendary spear of Wotan. Crossing the rifts of time, his divine weapon - and Albireo's lonely heart - reach one special girl, called Kamui. This story of heroics continues the .Hack series, as AI Buster Volume 2 reveals the hidden truth behind the Twilight Bracelet and the mysterious Record of the Created World.

.Hack//Alcor Graphic Novel

As Nanase engages in the popular online game, The World, she falls in love with Silabus, her guildmaster. However, everyone has their eyes glued to the new Arena Champion Alkaid, and Silabus is no exception! As Alkaid continues to cast a big shadow, Nanase is forced to realize that her quiet, helpless attitude is the source of all her problems. But when Silabus is in serious trouble and her loyalty to the guild is challenged, what action will Nanase take? Can her weakness be her strength?!

.Hack//Another Birth Novel 1

In order for Akira to save her younger brother, who suddenly lost consciousness in the middle of playing in The World, she enters The World as the swords-woman Black Rose. There Black Rose squares off against the double-knife fighter, Kite.

.Hack//Another Birth Novel 2

Akira - also known as Black Rose - keeps fighting to save her younger brother's consciousness from "The World." But as she becomes immersed in the online game, Black Rose is beset by even further problems in the real world!

.Hack//Another Birth Novel 4

The World is further corrupted as the game expands into our reality. With Aura and her bracelet, BlackRose (aka Akira) discovers the answers to some important questions. They help shed light on Corbenik, the virus at the source of all the trouble. Will Akira, along with the aid of her comrades in The World, be able to save her comatose brother in time?

.Hack//Cell Novel 1

Average high-school student Midori Shinomura falls mysteriously ill. While she wastes away in a hospital, she learns of another Midori - a fighter of terrible skill in the online game known as The World. There is a strange and close connection between both Midori Shinomura and game-Midori. With the sanity of both girls on the line, game-Midori will try to solve the mysteries of her past, and perhaps save the real-world Midori in the process.

.Hack//Cell Novel 2

Female Edge Punisher Midori discovers that she was created from the strong will of Midori Shinomura, a girl in the real world who is fighting a losing battle against a mysterious sickness. When the death of one means the death of the other, it's a race against time as in-game Midori and her allies try to unravel the secret behind the mysterious sickness.

.Hack//G.U. Novel 1: Terror of Death

"The World" is a massively multiplayer online game played by more than twelve million people across the globe. Within this virtual world Haseo, a PKK (Player Killer Killer), continues an endless fight. However, on finally meeting with his sole lead, a PK called "Tri-Edge," Haseo is dropped back to Level 1 by a mysterious power! Can Haseo save Shino now that he has lost all of his abilities?

.Hack//G.U. Novel 2

Haseo is still fighting to save his friend Shino, who fell into a coma while she was playing the ultra popular online game called The World. However, when Haseo gains the power he has been searching for, Atoli, an Avatar, is taken from him. To make things worse, none of the players logged into The World can log-off now. The anomalies keep piling up... But this is still just the beginning! Can Haseo unravel the mysteries of The World to save Atoli and Shino?

.Hack//G.U. Novel 3

Haseo's quest to rescue Shino continues in the internationally popular multiplayer online game, The World. When Sakaki returns an AIDA-infected Innis Factor back to Atoli, transforming Moon Tree's headquarters into an AIDA server, it's up to Haseo, The Terror of Death, to save Atoli and return Moon Tree back to normal. As Haseo delves closer to discovering the truth behind Tri-Edge, he learns more about his friends and the hardships they face in the real world.

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