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Cowboy BeBop 1: Asteroid Blues (D)

Meet the crew of the spaceship BeBop. In a futuristic society, they act as bounty hunters after the most dangerous criminals. Spike Spiegel appreciates the finer things in life, like good jazz and Bruce Lee films. His partner, Jet Black, is a cyborg who's a former cop. And in this first volume, we're also introduced to the sultry Faye, a woman who can definitely take care of herself. But who is Ein?


Asteroid Blues
Jet and Spike must track down a dealer of “Red Eyes,” a very dangerous , very addictive drug which induces berserker rages. Has spike been swayed by the charms of a mother –to-be? Can even Jet’s strength stand up to the power of “Red Eyes”?

Stray Dog Strut
Spike and Jet are hired to recover an item stolen from a research scientist’s laboratory. Spike is led on a wild chase first by the thief and then by the item itself! But this dog Is more than it appears to be, and is the product of some unusual research.

  • Format - Dubbed in English

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