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Boy Princess Graphic Novel 4

Despite his tender, pleading cries, Nicole returns to his kingdom without a promise or even a sign of confidence from Jed. Now he's burning with a new ambition: to become a great man like Jed, and to be his equal.

Nicole goes over to Jed's kingdom to change places with Elena. That's when his determination is put to the test, and when Elena returns home, Nicole stays behind with Jed. Nicole's feelings surface once more and he knows only that he's missed Jed deeply in their time apart, so he happily accepts the role of a stand-in on behalf of his sister and their kingdom. But can he stand being around Jed with such uncertainty bubbling inside of him and with Jed only fueling his perplexity by his vacillating attention?

Meanwhile, Prince Derek and his mother conspire against Jed with dark and vicious political intrigues. As Derek reveals his malicious manners, we learn that the apothecary Shahi isn't just Derek's lover, as we had previously thought. But then who is he and what role does he play in the offbeat romance of the two princes?

Story and art by Seyoung Kim.


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