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Ben 10 Alien Force: Doom Dimension Graphic Novel 1

Ben Tennyson is fifteen - and a hero in disguise! He's the possessor of the Omnitrix, a super-cool alien wristwatch that allows him to transform into one of 10 powerful alien beings. And Ben's going to need his superpowers - and a little help from his supernaturally gifted friends, Gwen and Kevin.

Ben and his friends saw it first: an alien ship crashing to Earth. But when they race to the crash site, they find a force greater than any the teen heroes have ever reckoned with: the ship blasts Ben seemingly out of existence. Now Gwen and Kevin have to come to terms with what they think is the loss of their beloved friend... but they don't know what really happened.

The ship transported Ben to an alternate world, the Fourth Dimension, where nothing is quite what it seems - not even time and space! But Ben's not alone in this strange world: he's trapped there with the ship's pilot, an alien bounty hunter who's been searching for the legendary Ben 10. Now Ben has to stay one step ahead of his pursuer, escape from the Fourth Dimension... and return home to Gwen and Kevin!

Story by Peter David and Art by Dan Hipp.


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