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America and the Four Japans (Book) by Fred Schodt (200pgs)

This readable, wide-ranging analysis brings you quickly up to speed on the ever-changing relationship between Japan and the United States. Drawing on history, cultural commentary, and opinion, the author portrays two nations in conflict yet increasingly connected.

Is Japan a friend, a rival, a role model? No question is more important, for our relationship with Japan and its technological and industrial strength in the Pacific Rim will help determine our place in the world of the next century.

Author, interpreter, and translator Frederik Schodt has written extensively about Japan and is the author of Dreamland Japan, The Four Immigrants Manga, Manga! Manga! and Inside the Robot Kingdom. He lives in San Francisco.

Anime Today
*Episode #105 - Talks PLUTO with translators Frederik L. Schodt & Jared Cook

**Episode #45 - Interview with writer, interpreter and translator Frederik L. Schodt


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