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Indian Summer DVD Complete Collection (S)

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Reviews of this title:

Richard J. Chang - Feb 15 2009
Rating: Wonderful!
I think The Anime Title Indian Summer is very great. This show is very interesting because four girls are cyborgs. When I first saw episodes one and two I thought the girl characters were all going crazy for the teenage character who lives by himself in Tokyo, Japan. I believe this show is going to be very succesful showing on Anime Network on demand right now on Tv. All the characters in this show are drawn very well. It has a very great story line.

Please keep up the great Anime RightStuff Anime studio company

sincerly Richard John Chang

writing from Alexandria Virginia

Ogie Doggie - Jun 12 2009
Rating: Not all that good.
It seems to short for what they are charging
I actually rate this somewhere between "Okay" and "So So" because there are some problems with this one. Apparently someone said hey let's take the anime "CHOBITS" (having your own personal robot) and try to make it REALLY funny and crude.

Boy goes to store and buys robot maid, boy wants to dress up maid in different outfits but maid doesn't want to. That's the story gang.

So now you have a story where robots that look and act just like a human females and even have more emotions than a human female right out of the box (instead of having the robot slowly acquire human emotions).

Am sorry people but this thing is just all over the map, the animation is good and yes there are funny parts but 75 minutes seems to go really fast in this. This should have been in one of those buy on get one free packs if you ask me. Bottom line only buy this when it comes on a super sale.

J Green - Mar 15 2010
Rating: Not all that good.
Where have I seen this before?
Take one part Chobits, one part Mahoromatic and a bunch of other recycled stuff, put into a blender and throughly puree-what do you have? This throughly unoriginial ova series-characters are very drab, plot and story about as generic as they come-boreing. Thank goodness I didn't buy this-I have other things that deserve to be purchased and watched.