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Mothra CD Soundtrack 3

Composed by Toshiyuki Watanabe. Additional music by Yuji Koseki, with vocal performances by Megumi Kobayashi and Misato Tate.

Track Listing:

  1. Opening / The Legend is Set Free
  2. The Eerie Swarm of Meteors
  3. The Strange Meteorite
  4. The Mothra Song
  5. The Second Coming of the Greatest Foe
  6. The Appearance of Mothra
  7. Meeting with Mothra
  8. The Sound of the Blade of Sadness
  9. Setting off on our Journey through Space and Time
  10. Haora Mothra (Moll version)
  11. One Last Request
  12. Soaring High 130 Million Years Ago
  13. The Strange Dome
  14. Cretaceous Period Battle 1
  15. Risk Your Life
  16. Cretaceous Period Battle 2
  17. Haora Mothra (Lora version)
  18. Requiem
  19. The Return of King Ghidorah
  20. The Tragic Battle
  21. The Apperance of the Armored Warrior
  22. The Last Battle
  23. The Last Metamorphosis
  24. The Power of the Legend
  25. Ending / Touch My Heart

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