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Clannad DVD Complete Collection (Hyb)

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Reviews of this title:

C Caron - Apr 13 2010
Rating: Wonderful!
Big Dango Family
Sentai Filmworks best ever anime in my opinion, Made by Kyoto Animation just like Kanon and Air TV. I love everything made by Kyoto Animation, if you like drama animes you would to.

Mike M - Apr 14 2010
Rating: Wonderful!
One of the best romance/slice of life anime out there
I was going to pass this by but I had a few minutes at the recent Sakura-Con so I took a look. I was sure glad I did. My jaw dropped during the opening sequence. Starts off simple and It was quite stunning and I thought it was movie-quality. The best part of all is the writing.

In short this anime hosts brilliant artwork, with highly complex and convoluted hidden storylines. Voice acting is superb as well (well in the Japanese that I saw.) The characters are flawed and believable with only a few over the top exceptions (like the point scoring when one of the characters, a girl who a well deserved reputation for fighting prowess routinely beats the snot out of one of the supporting characters.)

If you like romance, slice of life, and a touch of supernatual/surreal fantasy you will enjoy this. Even if you don't usually like this genre you will probably still enjoy this. It's that good. There's a bit of angst so be prepared for a bit of sniffling.

My only worry about this new that 30 April 2010 is the Japan-only release (with English as well) of the Blu-Ray set. No word on when the Blu-Ray for US will be out sadly. I would soooo love to see this in Blu-Ray.

I will probably double up and get both. :)

Christopher k. Bryce - May 30 2010
Rating: Wonderful!
the dub could have been better
clannad is one of my favorite series and i am glad i was able to get the complete collection. I watched the first ep of the dub and i got to say that ruined sunohara's voice. He sounds like a complete wimp and tomoya is quiet. I think they could of done a way better job with the dub. Other than that the subbed is good and getting the dvd before the releace date was pretty cool XD This dvd is a must buy. Dont buy it with the dub in mind, get it for the subbed version. Clannad is a heartwarming, fun and breaktaking series that has a great overall moral and feel to it. The series deeply focuses on family which is the overall theme to the series. Be prepared to have a tissue box when you watch this series. each of the story arcs are beautiful and again breathtaking. this is a great show to watch as a family and or for people who are haveing a rough time in life. It teaches great lession about family and friends. The sequel clannad ~after story~ is even better. I completely recommend this anime!!

Philip J. Hartwell - Jun 26 2010
Rating: Wonderful!
A word to the dubbies
I love the sub of this show, but I also think the dub hit the tone spot on. This is based on my viewing of 1 dubbed episode. If you've been waiting for the dub then grab it, the dub does justice to this beautiful series.

I do have niggles with Sunohara's dub, but, I never liked his character anyway

Ken Vang - Jun 27 2010
Rating: Wonderful!
Wonderful series, bad case design.
Let's start off with the pros. The English cast is nicely well done, watch all 24 episode in one day. Beautiful art-work design on the DVD case. The selection menu on the main screen is very clean and easy to navigate.

Onto the cons. Seriously 4 DVD on one spindle? Why not design a case with 2 flap that can hold 4 disc? Have to carefully press the center of the spindle to get each DVD out.

It would be nice if SENTAI FILMWORKS decide to release a blu-ray version of Clannad in the future. But one can only dream right?

J Green - Jun 29 2010
Rating: Wonderful!
This is the version of Clannad to have-despite what the other person said-the dub is very good. Here's hoping Sentai can sell enough of these sets to justify dubbing Clannad-After Story.

Nate Underwood - Jul 3 2010
Rating: Wonderful!
One of the most amazing romance animes out there!
When I think about the numerous romance animes I've seen, the first one that probably comes to my mind is Clannad. Its a story with really great comedy,amazing charecters, really good drama scenes, and a romance that may or may not bring you to tears(I cried in the second and final season probably more than anytime in my entire life!)

But enough about the show, now I want to talk about the box. The cover of the box is good and all the individual disks looked gourgeous. The biggest problem of the box is how the dvds are held! I'll give it to Sentai for making it so the dvds will definetely not fall out. But not like this, the pin or whatever its called has all the dvds on it. This makes it sorta difficult to get to the dvd you want to watch quickly. If you've ever played a pc game before and seen how they keep all the disks together then you'll have a slight idea what to expect. Overall the series is amazing and the box slightly decent. Now I shall look forward to seeing the After Story complete season boxset(2nd season)!

Peter K - Jul 14 2010
Rating: "Okay."
Go for the Sub-ed
OK, I LOVE (ABSOLUTELY LOVE) "CLANNAD" and "CLANNAD After Story". I own the subbed version of both. I was excited when I heard the dubbed version was going to be released. I tried it out. It was VERY disappointing. The English voice acting is poor. It ruined the story for me. The only voice actor that was good was Greg Ayres who plays the voice of Youhei Sunohara. I gave it an "Okay" because I hated the English voice acting not becuase of the story. I do not have the heart to give "Clannad" anything lower than than an "Okay" (yes, I love it that much). DEFINITELY stay with the subbed version!

James B. Hang - Feb 4 2011
Rating: Wonderful!
I Am A Strait Man
And even I cried like a little baby at some points :') I loved the whole thing, I haven't seen the dub yet, expectations not too high, but I loved the sub. I saw that Luci Christian was Nagisa, not that I dont love Luci Christian, she's great, but it just seems kind of off, I can't help but imagine Tenma from School Rumble :P

Rick D - Aug 9 2011
Rating: "Okay."
Meh .
Okay , I have to be honest . I didn't really care for Clannad . I read all these glowing reviews everywhere and had to get it , especially being a fan of Kanon and Air tv . Wow , what a let down . I really liked the characters they were great . My issue is with the story . There were all these story arcs building up to an epic conclusion and were a total let down . Before all you guys start calling me a jerk and saying I need to watch After Story , I say this , this is my opinion of Clannad , not Clannad AND After Story . If your reviews reflect Clannad and After Story , then you should state that in your review . Personally I enjoyed Kanon and Air TV much more and you can buy both of those for less than Clannad .

James Scott - Apr 23 2013
Rating: Wonderful!
Incredible Anime!
I was initially turned off by this anime when I first watched it, but I decided to come back to it and try again. I have Aspergers Syndrome so I hardly ever cry, or express that kind of emotion, I also have a very hard time with empathy. But this anime made me force back tears. You need to watch After Story because towards the end you feel like you are gonna lose it. But when an anime can make you feel this way you just have to love it. One of the many reasons I love anime!

I have not bought any of the sets yet but from what I have heard they have used the Economy Box (When they stack the discs in envelopes on top of each other in a large case). I think Sentai has a habit of doing this sometimes with longer series. I have "Infinite Stratos"(13 eps + OST) by them in a standard multi-dvd casing with 3 slots including the flap, I also have "Maid Sama!"(26 eps and doesn't include the OVA which upsets me) by them in the same Economy Set. I personally hate these cases but there isn't much we can do except voice our complaints.

Bottom line, Incredible Anime not so Incredible Box Set.