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Toward the Terra DVD Part 1 (S) (vol 1-2)

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Reviews of this title:

Otaku Review - Sep 11 2008
Rating: Wonderful!
Big Brother is Watching
What started as an interesting science fiction drama about a big brother society with annoying telepaths will very quickly develop into a deep and moving mind trip. The overall feel to this series, brought on largely by the characters, made this series very hard to walk away from. Every episode had left me just enough information to have to see more and the cliffhanger at the end of this set has the second set already poised to move to the top of my review pile when it arrives. Very highly recommended.

Cameron E. Carlson - Jan 5 2009
Rating: Wonderful!
A work of Art in Anime.
Toward the Terra is a show I cannot wait to finish watching. It leaves you on every episode with a cliffhanger wanting more. The audience is yearning for more and more from Jomy and Blue and the adventures of the Mu. Also make the audience want more out of Kieth and his group of friends is he really a robot of Mother Eliza or something more. I myself cannot wait to go and pick up toward the Terra Part 2.