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Euro Trash Triple Feature DVD (D) LiveAction (Bad Inclination/Faceless/Witchery)

Gary (David Hasselhoff) and his gal pal Linda (Catherine Hickland) visit an island off the coast of Massachusetts, where a haunted resort hotel looms, to do research on witchcraft. They are joined by the Brooks family (including a pregnant Linda Blair), prospective buyers of the property. When a violent storm prevents them from leaving the island, they're forced to endure the vengeful wrath of an evil witch who won't quit until every last one of them dies a horrible death!

Bad Inclination
A grotesque building with its mysterious tenants holds the secret to a merciless serial killer who is murdering women with an unusual weapon, a metal setsquare. A public prosecutor is assigned to investigate the brutal slayings while TV stations viciously battle it out for ratings, uncovering the story behind the murders and sensationally attempting to find the assassin. Pretending to receive death threats from the killer, a faded singer (Eva Robins) and her manager/lover try to cash in on the publicity.

A troubled model (Caroline Munro) is kidnapped by a demented plastic surgeon (Helmut Berger), who intends to graft her beautiful face onto his brutally burned sister. The model's wealthy father (Telly Savalas) hires a tough private detective (Chris Mitchum) to track down his daughter before it's too late.

Special Features: Talent Interviews, Audio Commentary, Photo Gallery, Promo Trailers.

Spoken Languages: English.

  • Format - Dubbed in English

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