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Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple Season 1 DVD Part 1 (Hyb)

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Reviews of this title:

Eric J. Mueller - Mar 24 2009
Rating: Wonderful!
Great English Dub!!!
While the orginal Japaneese sound track with subtitles of this series left me cold, The english dub was very well done! Congrats to Funmation for an excellent english dub that made this series worth collecting! I can't wait for the rest of the series to be released I am hoping Funmation will release the second season as well!

scott murray - Apr 25 2009
Rating: Not all that good.
average, at best
Pros: 1. Packaging is really done well. Cons: 1. Characters sound whiny to me. 2. Plot goes along the line of "DBZ" and "Inuyasha". It just keeps producing more and more bad guys for the main charater to fight. 3. Drawing is average. Like "Moonphase", but not as good as "Ghost in the shell" or "Witch hunter Robin". 4. Price. It's early yet when I got it, but a little expensive for what you get. 5. Some of the characters seem to be off of other anime that I've seen.

All in all, I prefer more plot and a better thought out action lines. "Tenchi Muyo", "Ghost in the shell", "Trinity Blood", "Claymore", and "Yu-Yu Hakusho".