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Initial D

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Initial D DVD 1 (Hyb): Akina's Downhill Specialist

Tak drives an "Eight-Six," a street term for the Toyota Trueno AE86. When chance puts him up against street racing's most notorious driver and he actually wins the race, the lure is too much - he's hooked. Word quickly spreads about the famous "Eight-Six of Mount Akina", and more and more rival racers appear to challenge Tak and his friends in a series of white-knuckle contests.

Initial D DVD 10 (Hyb): Team Emperor

A new, dominant racing team shows up in the Gunma area: Team EMPEROR. With their troupe of unstoppable Lancer Evolution sports cars, they easily beat the Night Kids. It seems that no one can stop them, until they meet up with Tak and his 86 Trueno. But Tak's win feels empty and he vows never to race on his home turf again.

Initial D DVD 11 (Hyb): Blow Out

Tak sees his girlfriend, Natalie, going out with another man! He leaves the scene and overstresses his 86, blowing out the engine. Now only the RED SUNS can stop EMPEROR from disgracing the local teams.

Initial D DVD 12 (Hyb): Secret Weapon

The Evo takes the lead from the FC! Everyone's excited, but the pressure is mounting on Kyle, who feels like he's being hunted down. Ry has figured out Kyle's weakness! Back in Akina, Bunta is about to unveil the return of the Eight-Six.

Initial D DVD 13 (Hyb): Battle of the Souls

The battle of the Eight-Sixes has begun and not only do Tak and Wataru dash down the treacherous mountain roads but they race up it as well. It’s a grueling clash of two warriors with neither willing to give an inch. Tak, thrilled by his new high revving engine, wants to win this battle no matter what.

Initial D DVD 14 (Hyb): Extra Stage

As usual Mako and Sayuki are racing on Mt. Usui. But Mako can't concentrate on her driving because of the break up with Iketani. They both learn from Shingo that a team made of Lancer Evolutions called Emperor is targeting Usui now, to conquer the Gunma area. Will Mako and Sayuki be able to defeat the Evolution team?

Initial D DVD 2 (Hyb): Challenge: Red Suns

When an undefeated racing team arrives in Akina to challenge the Speed Stars, Tak steps in to accept the challenge. He has years of experience maneuvering Mt. Akina's hairpin curves on daily tofu runs, but is that enough to defeat the Red Sun's RX-7?

Initial D DVD 3 (Hyb): Challenge: Night Kids

Tak's newly acquired status as a street racer leads to an unwanted challenge from Team Night Kids. Pitting his under-powered Eight-Six against the Night Kids' highly tuned GT-R seems ludicrous, but Tak's growing passion for racing leaves him no other choice but to accept!

Initial D DVD 4 (Hyb): Myogi's Downhill Technician

With the Night Kids' #1 driver defeated, out of nowhere comes their #2 racer, the arrogant Shingo, who challenges Takumi to the most challenging street race yet! Meanwhile, Takumi and Natsuki openly express their feelings for each other and finally start dating. Little does Takumi realize that Natsuki is dating someone else...

Initial D DVD 5 (Hyb): Duct Tape Death Match

Iggy goes on a date with Natalie's friend Saori, but while on his date he spins out because of Shingo's dangerous maneuvers around him with his EG6. Upon hearing what happened, Tak accepts the Duct Tape Death Match against the EG6...

Initial D DVD 6 (Hyb): Terror of Mount Usui

Maya and Simone are the fastest drivers in Usui, and are affectionately known as the 'Angels of Usui;' they drive a Sil-Eighty. Cole, not knowing who Maya is, asks her out for a date.

Initial D DVD 7 (Hyb): End of Summer

After the battle on Mt. Usui comes to a shocking conclusion, Tak contemplates his future as a racer. The end of summer is fast approaching, and with it comes the long awaited challenge from Gunma's #1 racer, Ry Takahashi. The challenge causes quite a commotion within the racing community, and several of Tak's friends worry that his growing relationship with Natalie will cause him to lose his street racing edge.

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