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Maria Watches Over Us Season 1 DVD Collection (S)

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Reviews of this title:

T. L. Bryant - Aug 5 2008
Rating: Wonderful!
Great Show For Shojo Fans!
This is a great show if you are a fan of shoujo dramas. The show is made up of tiny sub-plots which are purely character driven. For those people looking for action look elsewhere. Moreover if you like soap opera type drama and emotional rollercaster interaction between the characters then purchase this boxset. The animation and character designs are far above average than most anime shows we watch today. The show is at times funny but for the most part dramatic. A must see.

Brent M. R - Aug 23 2008
Rating: Wonderful!
This is my favorite anime ever!
I've watched this anime atleast 10 times from a dled version of the anime. I can't believe it was actualy released in america! I'm so happy I bought it imediatly after it came out.

If you like a heart warming story that will make you cry this is a perfect anime for you!

I hope they release some of the other products such as the music cds.

Lunay C. A - Sep 27 2008
Rating: Wonderful!
White Lily - Purity, sweetness, innocence, etc.
The symbolism of lily - purity and sweetness - is a wonderful way to describe the aura of MariMite (Maria-sama ga Miteru). As mentioned by one of the previous reviewer, this anime is more character driven rather then having a solid plot. If you are interested in slice-of-life/yuri/drama/shoujo, this anime has it in spades. (Minus the overtly sexual theme one might look for in some yuri titles. Think, classy and elegant.)

The first season has 13 episodes in all, in which the anime does a fine job of equally focusing on the relationships of the 3 roses - Foetida, Gigantea, and last but not least my favorite Chinensis. I won't go too deep into describing the soeur system and what the roses are as Rightstuf has included helpful liner notes on the bonus section of the DVD.

Also already mentioned, the animation is simply gorgeous. I love the character design. The classical music of the opening and ending fit the theme of elegance.

In summary, this anime is a precious gem that I thought would never get a proper release in the US since it lacks action. Bravo to Rightstuf for providing us a title of genre which most casual anime fans tend to neglect. This is a high-quality title which I am confident will be enjoyed if given the chance.

Lunay C. A - Sep 27 2008
Rating: Wonderful!
Additional Comment
I apologize for submitting two reviews for this item but I truly forgot to mention one important thing as I was in a rush:

This release also includes all of the omake, "Maria-sama ni wa Naisho" (Don't tell Maria). It's basically short bonus segments of so-called outtakes. It has the cast of MariMite in chibi form and is absolutely adorable. It's a wonderful addition to the bonus section of the DVD that should not be missed!

Max P. Sterling - Feb 20 2009
Rating: Wonderful!
This series is another example of how good animation can be. Along side Emma A Victorian Romance and Aria. While this one may seem like just another girl meets girl at school thing it is done with some class. It is funny at times and very sad at times. and slow at times. But for some reason it works. i was pulled in after i saw the first couple of episode. and the more i watched the more i wanted to see more. Cant wait for Season 3... yup already bought season 2 right along with season 1. I even let my niece watch it also. she still doesn't read to well so i have to do voices but its kind of fun in a way. and some times i stop reading all together and force her to figure it out herself 8). Lol it a good way to teach her to love reading. any way this one is a keeper give it a chance i am sure you will love it

Rodney Ruppert II - Jul 11 2012
Rating: Wonderful!
Very beautiful & elegant pure Yuri series
This series is pretty high up there for my list of best animes because I love Shoujo & elegance when it comes to it. The 1st season is my favorite because the style of the characters in my opinion are better illustrated than the rest & the story line is stronger even though it strayed slightly near the end of the season. I think this series proves that todays anime can still look as amazing as the 90's to very early 2000's anime when it comes to design. When I was looking for Yuri anime this came up, watched the trailer & bought the first 3 seasons right away & I still need the last 4th season. Don't get me wrong I watch all genre's of anime. My style of design is very Shoujo as it is when it comes to my style of anime characters this is coming from someone who is a freelance artist & works for a company for games.

Highly recommend this series, you will not be disappointed at all. I have told friends about it & they have bought the manga & anime