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Hot Wheels: Battle Force 5 Season 1 DVD 2 (D)

Make tracks with Battle Force 5 - Vert, Agura, Stanford, Zoom, Sherman and Spinner - in a fast-paced race to save the world from destruction! This elite team of drivers racks up the miles, zipping through interdimensional Battle Zones in spectacular chases, pursued by The Vandals and The Sark, all seeking the powerful BattleKeys that unlock the portal to Earth.

As BF5 teammates live by their "Never Back Down, Never Give In" pledge, their enemies become more devious. Vert must outwit Vandals leader Kalus on his home planet, Stanford must defeat The Sark after they infiltrate BF5's secret garage and Zoom must battle The Vandals in a cage match on a "prankster" planet. Local sci-fi nut Zeke also lends his cunning to the team when a discovery and a lightning bolt supercharge his brain with Sentient knowledge.

Contains episodes 7-12:
Behind Enemy Lines
My Man Zug
Man Down
Artificial Intelligence
Cage Match

Spoken Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese , English subtitles, Spanish subtitles, Portuguese subtitles, Indonesian subtitles.


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